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Hello beautiful beings!

If you, like me, believe that education around gender, orientation, identity, relationships, communication, and diverse sexuality is important, you want to support the artists and educators who do this work. Bringing this sort of education and exploration has been a passion of mine for over 20 years, and I believe in making this sort of work accessible to all. This is why I continue to provide sliding-scale and donation-based classes and discussion groups, distribute resources to wide varieties of audiences for little or no charge, travel to work with underserved populations, and make varieties of resources available to the public in general.

Lee against a wall
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To make this work possible, I turn to you who also desire to support this sort of work. Perhaps you are able to joining my Patreon and receive weekly resources, attend patron-only classes, receive early opportunities for special events or sales, have one-on-one time with me, or be part of this project in other ways. You might be part of universities, groups, or organizations that can hire me and provide fiscally to this work so that those who can not do so are supported by what you give. Or, perhaps you are interested in private classes, coaching, or tarot readings where your full support allows for me to provide these opportunities for others. Your generosity allows for my other work to be possible. 

If you are part of a variety of underserved populations, I want to make this work accessible to you. I especially believe in supporting trans, queer, BIPoC, and disabled, as well as individuals currently or historically incarcerated. This kind of education is important, and you should not be kept from this work due to fiscal or situational realities. Thus, groups that support these causes are given opportunities for me to work with you or serve your programs. I also believe is supporting groups and universities in smaller towns and regions that do not historically receive this sort of material, as well as groups with small attendance that may not be able to pay my full rates but are able to give what they can.

If you are comfortable, and believe like I do that everyone deserves access, you are making this happen. You are part of a complex ecosystem where we are all able to support each other. We can all change each others lives, and I have seen this work time and time again do just that. This sort of mutual aid in turn leads to mutual access.

In addition to this, I have spent many years learning my skills and continue to train, study, and improve what I can pass on to others with a variety of teachers and through living life fully in an attempt to follow my path. This path is not an easy one, and the work and training can be very expensive and time consuming. If you are able to support this continuing education as well, through donations, gifts, creative offerings and service, support of other educators doing this powerful work, or attending events that I am teaching at to show that you care about our ever evolving communities. 

Looking for specific ways to support my work? The first is to buy one of my books, or pass on information about my projects to others. You can also help arrange to have your business, university, conference, or organization bring me out to teach. Let’s spread the knowledge and love!

Would you like to support me in other ways? Here are some ides:

Thank you all so much. Even the radical act of telling people about an artist, or citing their work when you quote them, makes a world of difference. Instead of copying art, give due appreciation and appropriate citation of their artistry. The only way artists can keep making art is through our support. I myself pass it forward with an array of artists.

Have a wonderful adventure, and thank you so much for your well-wishes, support, joy, open hearts, passion, and soul.

Love from Colorado, and the world,

Lee Harrington

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