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Lee Harrington is a performance and visual artist whose sensibilities are informed by a mix of Tristan Tzara, Mumenchantz, Penn Jillette, Osada Eikichi, Gil Scott-Heron, Cathal Ó Searcaigh, Ringling Brothers, and Annie Sprinkle, with a splash of busking sensibility and Judy Chicago thrown in for spice. His rope style is West Coast Jazz, his favorite color is love, and he believes strongly in the magic of the dance between audience and artist.

Available for hire for private events, university performances, festival shows, installation work or large venue performances, Lee’s work covers a wide variety of performance and visual styles:

diapa051 diapb001 wcocoon001 Femina-Potens-Poetry

act one-birth web act two-life web compulsive censorship web EricPride_Lee_2016

Strowler1 Strowler2 Strowler3 PalimpsestLake2

  • Rope Shows (Aerial, Western, Japanese, Jazz)
  • Drag Queen & King
  • Burlesque
  • Fabric and fiber arts installations
  • Poetry Performance
  • Motion Poetry
  • Performance Painting
  • Fire Spinning
  • Body Modification and Hook Suspension
  • Collaborative Workings with other artists
  • … and more

Bluestockings   TheThing1 Bride4 Trauma04

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austin1 Austin2 Austin3 firerfb040

You can enjoy examples of some of his many international shows on his Facebook Fan Page.

Lee’s One Performer Show, “Creature on a Quest,” debuted in Melbourne, Australia to a packed house at Gasworks Arts Park. This touching piece dives through Lee’s journey in gender, identity and sexuality, and in doing so exposes the personal journeys of the viewer through their own quests. “Creature on a Quest’s” tale is an opportunity for adult audiences to laugh, cry, stand in awe, and open up their own hearts to the journeys of life.

“For I stand before you, a creature on a quest… for within each question there it stands, this word, quest.” Thus begins Lee Harrington’s one person show, in which he begins as an academic lecturer, travels backwards and forwards through men’s leather culture, sex work, happy heterosexual marriage as a woman, to being a genderqueer teen and gender unsuspecting child, ending with audiences pondering the nature of gender, happiness, and relationships. Quest with Lee as he opens up his soul, his heart, his body, and his tales, walking at your side into the center of love. This show contains non-explicit nudity and adult themes.

“For I stand before you, a creature on a quest… for within each question there it stands, this word, quest. As if each time you ask me ‘hey what’s your story man’ or ‘who are you’ I must crawl through brambles to find you the truth, must journey into the underworld or open up the Akashic records to find something that might satisfy you…”

– The opening to “Creature on a Quest”

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