A fourth generation artist and sexual adventurer, Lee was doomed to become an artist even if he fought against it as often as possible. First his paternal grandmother and great-grandmother were both Who’s Who world artists, but he said no, I can resist it. Then his mother was a sketch artist, but no, he could resist that too. Then his father handed him a camera and his school put him in a stage show at the age of seven. He gave in.

Photographer, performance artist, installation creator, fire dancer, aerial rope performer, burlesque artist, stripper, drag queen, clown, painter, and collaborative fashion designer and sculptural artist, Lee also looks at his historical work as a Model as a form of performance all its own. He also directs shows from time to time, is the creator of a one man show, takes part in happenings, flash mobs, guerrilla art, MCing, and lives life in the name of art. His sexual life is part of an ongoing life art project that has been being recorded in some way since 1991.


Lee Harrington has been taking pictures for most of his life, but only started letting his art be seen by the world at large in the past decade. His passion comes in capturing the moments he encounters, from toy stores to gaming conventions, sex clubs to political protests, religious fervor to emotional turmoil.

Deeply inspired as a child by the work of Man Ray, Steve McCurry, and Charles Gatewood (who later became a friend), Lee’s photographic work is consumed with a passion for the people and places that he has been blessed to be surrounded by. Catholic kitsch, historical monuments, role playing games, the fetish community, friends and lovers, the queer scene, landscapes and cityscapes have all had an undeniable effect on his artwork.

With his work having appeared in group and solo gallery shows (Seattle Erotic Arts Festival, Sugar Gallery Oregon, Femina Potens San Francisco, Sydney Leather Pride Arts Festival, and others), and his images appearing in a wide variety of magazines, books, and other publications (White Wolf Publishing, Asphodel Press, Secret Magazine, Slit Magazine, Penthouse, etc.), Lee enjoys sharing his unique artistic vision of the world as a photographer.

To learn more about his other inspirations as a photographer, what got him involved in photography as a child, and to see his current portfolio and list of publications, visit, or visit his portfolio and print store at For the second site, to see and purchase his art nude work, you will need to create a free profile.



Lee’s work as a painter is starting to gain a degree of acclaim, including one viewer who described his work in the Soul (IM)Prints series as “part cerulean photography, part cave painting.” To learn more about his other inspirations as a painter, visit, or visit his portfolio and print store at For the second site, to see and purchase his erotically explicit paintings, you will need to create a free profile.



To take a peek into his amateur work as a videographer (and a handful of other projects), visit his YouTube profile, passionandsoul.

Lee Harrington was also part of Mollena Williams’ movie IMPACT, which won Best Experimental Film at CineKink 2013.


z-SatinCrushFor eight years before his gender transition, Lee Harrington was known as Bridgett Harrington, a female adult film actress, fetish and fashion model. An amazing outlet for his performance art, desire to dress up, and interest in creating a stir in the world, Lee enjoyed this period of his life quite a lot, creating films and modeling for photographs under this name from 1999-2007. Though Lee still models as a still life, photography and video model for friends and artists from time to time, his primary work as a model has passed.

Working on hundreds of projects during his tenure, Lee was one of the few women in his time to bring a curvy bodied aesthetic into the kinky porn world as a 5’11”, size 16 model. Appearing as a dominant woman, female slave, hardcore dyke, horny housewife, shy girl, crazy clown, slutty puppy, hardworking pony, pin-up queen, fetish diva, and transsexual man, and now living full time as a man (with occasional appearances as a drag queen), Lee has proven himself to be a true chameleon.

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