Kalani, Hawai'i - 2015

Kalani, Hawai’i – 2015

As an individual who believes that both passion and soul are important parts of our individual lives, Lee has come to express his personal path in a wide variety of ways. From being a visual artist to a spiritual practitioner, performance artist to ritual leader, coach to model, his hope is to inspire others on their own quests to authenticity. This belief extends to the notion that the world is a magnificent, if challenging, place – and that art and spirit give us an opportunity to move into the world’s excellence.

You can explore his various paths of art and spirit here:

  • Artistic Work – Photography, Painting, Video Work, and Modeling
  • Rituals & Spirit Work – Erotic Authenticity, Ordeals, Training, Rites of Passage, Personalized and Community Rituals, and Fiber Magic
  • Performance Art – Installations, Poetry Performance, Rope Performances, Burlesque, and One-Person Shows

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