Consulting & Coaching

Business Consulting

  • Develop transgender awareness and trans affirming care
  • Help speakers and teachers at your company find their voice as educators
  • Build cultural competency concerning transgender, gay, lesbian, and bisexual populations
  • Better serve communities practicing consensual non-monogamy or having diverse sexual identities

Individual Coaching

  • Explore and expressing your gender identity
  • Find and connect with your spiritual and sacred path
  • Discover a path of authentic personal expression
  • Process roadblocks to following your personal calling
  • Reveal your personal sensual, sexual, and erotic self

Erotic Skill Building

Available for individuals, couples, or small groups, Lee offers hands-on or discussion-based experiences on a variety of erotic skill sets.  Having been a part of the kink communities for twenty-five years, teaching for nearly two decades in this field, his individually tailored private experiences are fun and informative, sexy and sophisticated, while helping students explore their own potential. These include but are not limited to:

  • Find your authentic sexual identity and desires
  • Build quality dominance, submission, power-exchange, and authority-transfer play and relationships
  • Make inroads into the kink and alternative sexuality communities
  • Learn how to deliver or receive sensual and intense spanking, bruising, caning, and other impact play
  • Develop your skills and path of rope bondage as an artist or recipient
  • … and in general delight in the intersections of sacred sexuality and kink exploration

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