Spirit & Ritual Work

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As a energy and spirit worker, Lee has been serving his patron Bear since a child, but was formally dedicated to Bear’s service in 2005. His own faith background is rooted strongly in his ties to his parents who brought him up in a mixed-faith household. He was encouraged from an early age to explore as many traditions as possible, and plunged into reading any text he could, plus attending synagogue, mosque, temple, church, and circles. There he found that common themes appealed to him – of a call to serve the divine, to help your fellow human, to be good stewards for the earth, and to be compassionate to one another.

When he started seeing auras and spirits at the age of six or seven, his mother wasn’t very surprised as it was a skill set that ran through her family. Over the years he has developed skills in divination, astral journeying, trance work, invocation and evocation, talking with a variety of spirits, and eventually was called in 1999 to serve his first time as a priest for the Temple of Atonement. There he was handed his first true challenge as clergy – help someone truly absolve themselves of their sins. Many people come to the ToA for “silly sins,” but two of his parishioners called for serious work, and it was a trial by fire he will never forget, for true magic took place in that working.

Since that time Lee has served as a sacred sexuality worker and coach, ordeal priest, flesh path devotee, diviner, channel/horse/mouthpiece, guided meditation leader, path wanderer, doorway opener, and more. He leads public and private rituals, officiates weddings and handfastings, helps design rites of passage, and continues to serve as a spiritual guide and Reverend for the Passionate Fellowship. Lee also serves under the name Leannan as an Oracle and sacred-words and images artist, and his work in these fields can be seen at The Temple Oracle. He also offers professional domination, surrender and ordeal work at Sacred Consort.

Erotic Authenticity

1034_4840253452525_341409781_nFor many years Lee Harrington has been an advocate for each individual finding their own truth concerning their sexuality. Too many people seem to be screaming for one true way, on both ends of the spectrum, while forgetting that every single human being is a thumbprint, a snowflake, a unique blessing upon this earth.

Lee believes you deserve to YOUR path towards erotic and personal authenticity. If this idea fuels you, or sparks you towards considering your own self-awareness around your sexual, relationship, and connection journey… good. As a spirit worker (referred to by some as a shaman), one of Lee’s major roles is that of key-turner, doorway opener – and this is a doorway so many of us need opened. He has a background in helping individuals remove energy blocks and other obstacles from the path before them; see KaSeeKa weekends below.

Domination and Ordeals

Not everyone is meant to take the easy road. Some of us are better served on our path of opening to our universal potential through having our world shaken through ordeals, or through the path of ecstatic flesh.

For thousands of years, tools such as bondage and restraint, flagellation, piercing, cutting and sensory deprivation have been used by religious orders and spiritual practitioners to rip themselves away from ordinary reality into a place where revelation can take place. For some revelatory experience takes the form of catharsis – the walls of self denial being pulled down and inner turmoil spilling forth as tears hit the ground beneath them. For others it can be about physically unlocking chakra potential through piercing the points that those chakras intersect with the flesh. Others still use mummification as a tool to cut off the outside world and force themselves onto journeys through rhythm and breath through the astral realms.

As a worker on the Path of Ecstatic Flesh, Lee Harrington is occasionally available professionally to help others find their journey through their own skin by riding their desires and truly making them their own. Some long to submit to the will of another, find their inner power through giving up their earthly power for a period of time and thus embrace that power all the stronger when they return to the role they serve in the world. Some are called to spin and sweat until they see stars. Lee will hear your call, and work with you to either make it happen or find those who can.

Not everyone is served though through the path of ecstatic flesh. Others are called to the above tools and others through the Path of Ordeals. Some are called to be torn apart and burned emotionally by the world before they have the ability to be reborn a Phoenix from the flames, and other non-ordeals he has been part of include service, storytelling, public speaking, reliving past traumas, and more. If this calls to you, know you are not alone. There are many paths to personal awakening and magic alike, and for those seeking an ordeal experience, Lee may be able to help. Reach out and ask the universe – that is the first step on the path. Be forewarned, ordeals take many forms, and are not the path of awakening for everyone. To explore more of these concepts on your own, they are explored further in his book Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond.

Weekend Connection & Kaseeka Training

Take a chance to get away, dive deeply into your desires or faith for a few days, or set a serious commitment of a year and a day towards your individual journey. Lee is ready to be your guide.

Rituals in the woods

Rituals in the woods

Kaseeka is a Mandan and Dakota term, told to Lee by Fakir Musafar when Fakir branded Lee as part of a body reclaiming ceremony. The term refers to “he who has gone before” – the man who has gone through extreme ritual in the past and now helps initiate those who want to go on that journey for themselves. He does not show them the one true path. He does not say “this is the only way” – he is there as a guide, as a mentor, as a resource for helping that new pupil find their own path. Lee offers himself in this role to you.

Find your own voice as a uniquely spiritual individual or sexual adventurer. Whether you have never attended a public event before and want someone to go with you, want someone to be a sounding board for your journey, or desire someone to challenge your comfort zone… Kaseeka Training is your opportunity to immerse yourself fully in an opportunity to learn and grow by stepping away from our “normal” obligations and devoting time and energy specifically to our growth.

How does Kaseeka Training work? Each person is different, each path a different one to tread. Thus, Lee negotiates heavily with potential students/path mates or acolytes before coordinating the solid period of time that will be spent with a student – whether over the course of a long weekend, meeting once a month every other month for an extended period, or dedicating to engage in weekly intensive phone calls or chat sessions for a year and a day with homework between sessions. During negotiation you and Lee will discuss the nature of your journey, how and if he is the right guide for you, the types of skills you are looking to develop, where you are on your journey, and more.

Lee also offers one day intensive trainings, where he and his student(s) begin over lunch and go deep into the night talking, doing hands on education, developing tools for your future, and more. He is also happy to travel for passionate and interested students, arrange rituals to mark the start of the journey or a specific completed goal/benchmark, and coordinate opportunities to attend special events for his students – whether they are individuals, couples, or small groups.

If you are interested in intensive training, email me, and we can begin designing your weekend of training and immersion into your desires. Lets plunge in together!

Rites of Passage and Other Ritual Work/Design

We do not have many rites of passage in our culture; getting your drivers license or going to prom do not truly mark your passage into adulthood. Lee has helped individuals design rites and rituals (as well as body modifications) for a variety of subjects including:

photo by Shaul Schwarz

photo by Shaul Schwarz

  • Weddings and Handfastings
  • Overcoming loss
  • Passage into Adulthood
  • Transition in Gender
  • Dedicating the self to God/dess
  • Changing roles in relationships (Motherhood, Fatherhood, Divorce)
  • and more

Each ritual, and each life, is unique and each should be designed accordingly.

Fiber Magic Workings

(c) RiggerJay

(c) RiggerJay

In religious writings bondage is often referred to in the darkest of light – the bondage of the soul, the bonds that tie us to earth instead of leading us to Nirvana, bondage of earthly form. But bondage as an act – not as a state of being – is antithetical to the vision of bondage of the spirit. From nihilomancy (sensory deprivation for divination and astral journeying) and tasseomancy (pattern reading for divination) to the wide realm of the ordeal path in ropework and sacred ropework for forced meditation workings, Lee is available to share these skills of ropework as a tool of faith and magic with you.

Sacred fiber work is not limited to bondage either. Laying physical cords as a route to laying silver cords in the astral realms, three color rope rituals for god/dess dediscations, astral shapeshifting using sacred fabrics and ropework are more examples of the work Lee is available for. Learn the arts of creating and using “Haunted” or imbued ropes, binding energy into lines for sacred weaving or knots of nine magic… fiber magic comes in a thousand forms and you can either learn the skills yourself or use his for your unique journey.


For a peek into some of his sacred paintings, visions recieved or his experiences at various rituals, visit The Temple Oracle.

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