Transformation, Disabilities, Leather, Teaching Skills, and Sacred Transness

Hello beautiful beings,

Remember how last week I talked about how the Wednesday series can sometimes be draining? Well, thank you universe for blessing me with this past week! Wow. For those who missed “Mythologies and Beliefs About Transgender and Non-Binary Experience”… what an adventure. We had a mix of non-binary, trans, and cisgender attendees with a wide variety of experience and the passion was electric. I want to specifically thank the brave person who asked for permission to voice their anger about how they interact with and have (or don’t have) connections with queer and trans communities… and the world at large. It was so powerful and the chat exploded with Yes! Me too! OMG thank you for saying that!

It’s moments like that which remind me so palpably why I do this work. Blended together that day with the rest of the power of Trans Day of Visibility, where people around the world spoke up about their journeys as non-binary and transgender people across the spectrum of experience, I am still lit up. I know this picture doesn’t show it, but I was totally alive and excited by the beauty in the air. One of the pieces that is still sitting with me is this piece by Drewsilla from They spoke so powerfully of why trans people matter in the universe as we have the power to wake up others to the idea that you can do anything, be anything. The notion that trans lives matter not just for trans people, but for the sacred power of the universe. Check it out.

A lot of great resources and recommendations came out of the conversation – here are just a few:

And there were more! Stay tuned because in May we will be doing a part two of the discussion allowing for a specific space to express frustration, upset, and even anger that trans and non-binary people experience rather than always having to “play nice.” I’m so honored to get to hold it in 6 weeks or so. 

This coming week, come join me at: 

  • Spirit of Roleplaying: Invocations and Evocations for Ritual Work and Beyond
    April 3rd, 2021 (11a-1p Pacific, Noon-2p Mountain, 1-3p Central, 2-4p Eastern, 8-10p CET/Berlin)
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    Roleplaying is about putting on a mask and becoming something fun for a moment, right? Not for everyone – some of us are called to go further. 
    Whether calling upon a persona that is inherent in our very being, calling down God-forms, donning erotic personas, or embracing animal roles, invocation and evocation can be powerful tools for both personal exploration and intense ritual work. From wardrobe to rituals, dabbling in persona manifestation to evoking emotional responses, and getting into *and* out of headspace, we’ll discuss and delve into these tools together. Come explore roleplaying and connect with your personal, cultural, and universal archetypes for hot scenes and spiritual identity alike, with Lee Harrington.  
  • Kink and Disabilities
    April 5th, 2021 (11a-1p Pacific, Noon-2p Mountain, 1-3p Central, 2-4p Eastern, 8-10p CET/Berlin)
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    Getting freaky, kinky, and exploring dominance or submission is desired by many people, and yet for those of us who live with physical, neurological, or mental disabilities, we have unique realities in these explorations or play. 
    Let’s talk with Lee, about how having disabilities can affect how we do BDSM and other kinks! This might include visible or invisible disabilities, neurological non-normativity, realities that come from aging, plus blindness and visual impairment as well – how do you modify your explorations for your (or a partners) realities. Let’s talk about our challenges, brainstorm for each other, and also discuss the fun or creativity that have come up along our journeys!
  • What’s Leather Got To Do With It? Leather Fetish, Sex, and Soul
    April 6th, 2021 (6-8p Pacific, 7-9p Mountain, 8-10p Central, 9-11p Eastern)
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    The world of BDSM often speaks of Leather as an identity, or as shorthand for our passions, but what about leather itself? The hides of animals, our second skins, this material that once lived and breathed has inspired erotic explorers for generations why? From tools of pain and pleasure to the wide varieties of clothing that wrap around our form and conform to our shape with time we will examine our tough exteriors to find how leather fetish has inspired leather sex, and in turn, leather soul, identity, and spirit and the term Leather Community itself. Bring at least one piece of leather with you be it a piece of your earned leathers if you come from that tradition, your favorite flogger, a tight pair of gloves, your favorite boots, your old friend of a belt, or something else to inspire yourself or others as part of this conversation towards understanding leather as more than a raw material.
  • Exploring Teaching Skills: Educator Behaviors and Ethics
    April 7th, 2021 (1-330p Pacific, 2-330p Mountain, 3-430p Central, 4-30p Eastern)
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    Meeting ID: 243 929 4154
    Passcode: 136777love 
    In the world at large, adult education has been shown to have problematic threads in it where presenters, educators, gurus, instructors, and speakers have taken advantage of their status or simply been unaware of how their behavior and ethics affect others. In this discussion we will not only examine the often unspoken power dynamics between teachers and students, but how that can affect consent and coercion both consciously and unconsciously. Let us share our opinions of “appropriate” behavior educators in adult education should have, how we hold people to these things (and if those levels are appropriate), and consider in turn how we as educators build our ethics to hold excellence in our roles.
    This discussion is about education by adults, for adults, and does not address teaching for youth. The presenter teaches as a sexuality, spirituality, and gender educator, and thus examples from the presenter and attendees may include examples of kink, ritual, or other age 18+ topics.
    A $1-25 donation is encouraged for the Weekly Wednesday series, but none is required to attend.

I also have other classes and events coming up in April! It’s going to be quite the month – where do you want to catch up with me?

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Much love to you all and see you soon!

Yours in Passion and Soul,

Lee Harrington


Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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