Poetry, Passion, and Queer Age Play

Hello beautiful beings,

Amanda Gorman’s amazing performance of her poem “The Hill We Climb” at the Inauguration of President Biden and Vice President Harris was a stunning piece of art that is going to echo in my heart for some time to come. 

When day comes we ask ourselves,

where can we find light in this never-ending shade?

This weekend I am leading called “Delving Into Power,” where 19 amazing adventurers will be going on a journey into exploring their dominance, submission, and desires for power exchange or authority transfer relationships. This notion to me of finding light and the power of spirit to push beyond challenge is resonating with me as I prep for this deep dive, in light of relationship evolutions of my own and looking back to my own history in these dynamics – many of whom glow with light and lessons learned, while others still hold heavy on my spirit. Making sure to name these when I teach will be an important part of my process so that I do not unconsciously pull anyone down into my shadows.

We close the divide because we know, to put our future first,

we must first put our differences aside

We lay down our arms

so we can reach out our arms

to one another

In her fantastic interview with Anderson Cooper she broke down the process of her brilliance, sharing her process for writing the piece. She read all past poetry from inaugurations. She dived into the inaugural speeches from divided times. She examined viewpoints from various sides and then when insurrection came she reevaluated perspective and applied to her work once more.

It’s because being American is more than a pride we inherit,

it’s the past we step into

and how we repair it

As a poet myself, I am delighted and awed by her Harvard-informed, growing up Black in Los Angeles, speech impediment conscious lens. Though we can write a piece once and let it be as birthed, I myself will always be grateful to Deborah Addington who was my poetry editor for my collection “On Starry Thighs: Sacred and Sensual Poetry” that came out in 2015. Deborah’s diligent eyes and empowered heart woke me up to not just grammatical foibles and editorial inconsistencies, but questions of intent, purpose, and even called me out that if I was going to speak on Depression, I must call Mania to light to give it space on the page… as hard as that might be.

If we merge mercy with might,

and might with right,

then love becomes our legacy

and change our children’s birthright

Let us merge our mercy with might, and might with right my beautiful beings. Let our spirits open wide to do the work that the world needs. That we all need. Even if the coming administration has differences to my political perspectives, I feel this new day, stepping out of the shade, here on my skin. The sun is out here in Austin, a beautiful day indeed, so before I set up for 19+ hours with this amazing crew over 3 days, I am going to go soak in some rays, and delight in the day.

This coming week, come join me at: 

  • The Kids We Never Got To Be: Queer and Trans Age Play
    January 27th, 2021 (1-330p Pacific, 3-430p Central, 4-30p Eastern)
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    Meeting ID: 243 929 4154
    Passcode: 136777love 
    Find your local number: https://us02web.zoom.us/u/kcvmiz5cpX
    For queer people, being children may not have been easy. Statements from “don’t be a sissy” to “real girls don’t act like that” may have held us from expressing ourselves, and even led to trauma both psychological and physical. For transgender people, we may have also been expected to grow up as a gender we did not identify as, with such similar needs for silence or traumatic experience attached. In this discussion we will dive into how role-playing a new childhood can be an opportunity for queer and trans folks to live or play with the journey they never got to have. This can include regularly scheduled age regression or “littles” exploration, or be the delight of trying on genders in age-based roleplay for just one scene. How do orientation and gender come up in your play, whether you are one of the “kidz” or “adultz?” What opportunities do we have to play with transness and queerness? Let’s come together, share our experiences, our desires, and ideas of how each of us can support each other along the way.
    A $1-25 donation is encouraged for the Weekly Wednesday series, but none is required to attend.

I also have other classes and events coming up in the next few weeks that you may be interested in, as well as there being a Weekly Wednesday series for February that will be listed on my page early next week:

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Much love to you all and see you soon!

Yours in Passion and Soul,

Lee Harrington



Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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