October Madness Tour! 11 States is 16 days!

You heard it right! From October 2nd-16th I will be teaching in 11 different states… though I do get to stay on in Atlanta teaching until the 17th 🙂

Where am I going you ask? Well, in this whirlwind adventure I will be going to Minnesota, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Atlanta. It is set to be a whirlwind adventure, traveling for a good part of it with my leather brother Scotty Thomson (from Minnesota to Iowa). I am excited to have the opportunity to meet so many people that I might not get to otherwise, visiting towns of a variety of sizes, teaching everything from rope bondage to power exchange, leather identity to sex magic, understanding gender to erotic role playing… and more!

Scotty and I on our last road trip, that time in the SW.

Scotty and I on our last road trip, that time in the SW.

Ready for the details? Buckle in, get ready for the fun, and see below…

  • Friday October 2nd: Twin Cities, MN
    PEPRMNT is bringing me out to teach “Dark Roleplaying.” We have been “playing pretend” since we were young… but the realm of kinky sexuality opens up all new directions roleplaying can take. Join us as we explore the shadowy realms of our fantasies and roles we can try on: abduction, abuse, torture, snuff, fantastical realms and anywhere else our twisted minds can dream up. We will discuss the joys and challenges of playing in our closet, why it turns us on, how to bring it up to our partners, negotiating our desires and troubleshooting the challenges these types of fantasies can elicit.
  • Saturday October 3rd: Watertown, SD
    As an extension of the regular Watertown Munch (that we will get to attend), I will be teaching a class on “Erotic Macrame: Creative Decorative Bondage.” Imagine the human body as your canvas, and rope as your paints… let’s create art! From body harnesses to creative chest restraint, rope corsets to beautifully applied crotch ropes and rump bindings, we’ll look into some ways to turn yourself or your partner into a sight to be seen. We will also look at ways to accent and add decorative details to other forms of rope bondage. Bring at least 2 pieces of rope, 25+ft in length, for hands-on exploration, though limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.
  • Sunday October 4th: Fargo, ND
    The folks in Fargo have put together an immersive day of education including two classes (and who knows, maybe something extra). In the first class it will be a chance to “Be Yourself of Someone Else” in a class on introductory erotic roleplaying! Using various shared information and in-class exercises we will be pull out our emotions and inner roles while also examining personal, cultural and universal archetypes. We will brainstorm tools for “drawing down” outside roles and connect with our partners and our fantasies. Afterwards, we’ll be going into our personal identity, culture and community connections in “What’s Leather Got to Do With It? Leather Fetish, Sex and Soul.” In this class we will examine our passions, the properties of leather itself, our history and the metaphor of how leather applies to who we are as sexual rebels and deep tribe. Whether you identify with the term or not, we are open to everyone participating in this experience, and ask that each person bring a piece of leather with them, whether it is a pair of boots or your wallet, a flogger or an old belt… anything… as it will be part of conversation towards understanding leather as more than a raw material. That night, educator Scotty Tomson will be finishing up the day with a class on “Impact Play,” from fists to floggers, helping build skills for consensual kinky connection.
  • In Billings we will look at conscious and unconscious power dynamics.

    In some places we will look at conscious and unconscious power dynamics.

    Tuesday October 6th: Billings, MT
    I am excited to come out and teach “Power Exchange, Power Dynamics: Conscious Inequality, Dominance and Submission” for the folks in Billings! It will be a delicious opportunity to look at how power permeates our every interpersonal interaction, from how we interact with the grocery clerk to our kink in the bedroom, and there is a difference between unconscious and conscious power use. We’ll examine where power arises unconsciously in culture, types of power exchange dynamics, why people would want them (for an evening, a long-term connection or between lifetimes). This will include conscious and unconscious roles, bonding, and even destructive behaviors. Power is power, and inequality is not inequity, so we will look at this together with eyes wide open. The link to the class information will be coming soon… and hey, folks in Helena, MT, I even hear there will be a carpool!

  • Wednesday October 7th: Cheyenne, WY
    Having had some great laughs already with the amazing creature putting this together, I’m totally jazzed to come out to Wyoming and teach “Rope for Sex: Erotic Restraint for the Bedroom and Beyond.” Rope bondage is a wonderful tool for spicing up your sex life- from binding legs open for access to the loins to turning a bed into somewhere a lover relax and give into their desires. We will learn how to make simple restraints for spread-eagle poses or binding lovers to chairs, as well as exploring ways to bind limb to limb, body to body, crotch ropes (and how to convert them into pieces that can be fucked through), and even strap-on harnesses! Let’s explore and think creatively about techniques for adding bondage to your style of sensuality and sex. Bring at least one 25-30ft piece of rope, and a dildo if you have one, for some rated R hands-on play, though limited supplies will be available to borrow from the instructor.
  • And in some places we will play with rope :)

    And in some places we will play with rope 🙂

    Thursday October 8th: Omaha, NE
    The folks in Omaha have made some magic happen to put together a great chance for me to teach Power Exchange with Rope”, aka “Rope for D/s.” Have you always longed to submit your will, or use your wicked mind to use rope to create tension and surrender in your connection? We will learn some basic bondage skills and become aware of body dynamics to create or improve power exchange in our relationships or play. Whether you are new or experienced to D/s or to rope work, this class will give you a chance to examine and sample rope and power using conversation, demonstration and hands-on exercises. You can buy your tickets in advance here.

  • Friday-Sunday October 9th-11th: Des Moines, IA
    The amazing Iowa Leather Weekend is bringing me in to do my class on “Bondage for Sex” as well as attend the Mr. and Ms. Iowa Leather Contest, enjoy the hot play parties, and cause some luscious trouble. For folks who didn’t know, I hold the title of Arizona Leather Sir 2010, and run the Dark Odyssey Dirty Pig Contest… so I adore Leather Weekends. Come on out. I’ll be getting everyone hot and sexy with basic ties to make sex easier, pervier, and take the fear out of getting a bit freaky in the bedroom. Whether you are experienced or not, bring Bring a piece of 25-30ft piece of rope for some rated R hands-on play (with folks encouraged to put their new skills to good use over the weekend)….And then I fly to…
  • We want YOU to come out and see us on the tour!

    We want YOU to come out and see us on the tour!

    Monday October 12th: Richmond, VA
    I will be joining the passionate people at MasT Richmond for one of the classes I feel very passionate myself about, “Service That Actually Serves US: Giving and Receiving What WE Really Want.” In the class we get down and dirty- talking about and working through exercises on establishing what service we really want, what we are able to give, and what drives us in service from all sides. Is it about effort, quality of outcome, detailed delivery, results, our resources expended… or getting hard/wet? And service is not just provided by Slaves- Masters, Mistresses, Mommies, Daddies, Boys, Girls, Lovers and Friends will also get a chance to look at their desires and see what actually gets them what they actually desire. Come on out for this great chance for self-reflection.

  • Tuesday October 13th: Greensboro, NC
    Finally I’ll get my rump to Greensboro to see friends and teach a class, this time for the great folks at La Fortress where I’ll get to break out my super-fun “50 Shades of Rope.” We’re going to dispel the myth that kinky play is too complicated or costs way too much. With a single piece of rope, you can have a whole bundle of fun, sensual and kinky things. From leashes to improvised whips, erotic restraint to playing dress up, gags to blindfolds, rope has so many more possibilities to be used in an erotic scenario. Come learn some new tricks from me, the author of “Shibari You Can Use: Japanese Rope Bondage and Erotic MacramĂ©.” Whether this is your first tie, or you’ve ridden this rodeo before, add some spice while exploring in a playful and sensual way.
  • Wednesday October 14th: Charleston, SC
    Come on out and spend time with me and the folks at Low Country Leather as I teach “Sir! Yes Sir!: Exploring Protocol in Power Exchange Relationships.” This class will examine where “common sense” and “etiquette” stop, and protocol begin? We will look at what Protocol is in a power exchange context, delve into terminology, and then examine formats of commonly recognized protocol systems and how these things develop in individual relationships and group dynamics. How does protocol change from public interactions to existing 24/7 in private dynamics? Let’s look into how to further develop our chosen dynamics, implement them consistently, and discuss the difference between enforcing protocol and punishment techniques. These concepts do NOT just apply to M/S and D/S dynamics – from active listening to self-sabotage, this class will touch on communication and lifestyle skills for all types of relationships.

    We'll see where the road leads us...

    We’ll see where the road leads us…

  • Thursday-Saturday October 15th-17th: Atlanta, GA
    To wrap up this amazing tour I will be back in Georgia for the amazing Sex Down South conference. Featuring classes, lectures and demos on everything from sexuality activism and politics to personal skills and relationships, I am excited to be doing a class called “Our Intimate Selves: Examining Sex, Gender, Orientation, Intimacy, Relationships Styles and Sexual Behavior,” a facilitated conversation for “Sex Magic Workers and Magical Sex Practitioners,” and an interactive forum-led class on “Shifting In Our Open Hearts and Polyamorous Relationships.” Saturday night will be their Big Bang Extravaganza, where you will find me on stage binding beautiful beings into layers of line… yum! This should be a blast!

Along the way we plan on visiting some dinosaur museums, eat at random finds, see some beautiful landscape, visit states I have never been to before, and rock out with one of my dearest friends. I look forward to seeing everyone on the road! Come out for the class, to buy signed books, aquire beautiful play gear from Scotty, attend some awesome events, and more. As always, you can find my upcoming classes at my appearances page.

If so moved…

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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