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Has just been sent to Paul at Equus Eroticus. Here’s the sneak preview for my firends list.

Equus Eroticus and Playboy Sexcetera shoot
By Bridgett Harrington, aka Lady

Beautiful ponies, skilled handlers, stunning tack and a trip to Dairy Queen in full pony regalia… what more could one want from a weekend in West Virginia? When I was invited to be part of the Playboy Channel’s Sexcetera special on pony play, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect… but the lasting and deepening friendships and amazing play experiences were well worth the trek to the middle of nowhere to shoot this spectacular private event.

Paul Reed dropped me an email a few months before the shoot asking if I was available to make a trek to West Virginia, and I had already made plans to travel East from Oregon to the DC area, so I figured, why not! It would be a chance to see Trigger the Human Equine again, and Mistress Lillian had promised to come out from Kentucky with her new pony girl, Missy Comet. Trigger picked me up Friday morning and we headed first to the Equus Eroticus offices to meet up with Paul Reed, his crew, and Coffeebean, a wonderfully spirited young woman who had trekked out from Texas to be part of the event. We then drove three hours to the super secret location where two wonderful folks from the DC kink community had offered us the use of their weekend property to shoot and play.

And play we did! Over the course of the weekend there was every stripe of pony play- from 4-legged pony riding, 2 legged pony riding, carting (one, two and three pony style), lunge line training, and even threats of studding! Kira Reed, one of the hosts of Playboy’s Sexcetera, arrived bright and early Saturday morning in tight jeans, tee shirt, cowboy hat and cowboy boots, ready to ride. Her producer and cameraman were wonderful gents, and helped us out a lot planning what would happen next for ease on both the crew and us lifestyle pony folks.

Mistress Lillian and Missy Comet were joined from Kentucky by Miss Varian, a voluptuous and charismatic domina with a wicked grin who looked stunning in a pair of English riding breeches and leather corset. From South Carolina, Maverick had driven up in his truck with a second cart and 4 crates of tack and other pony play gear- this man comes prepared for any emergency! Our fourth pony girl joined us late on Thursday night… and much to my pleasant surprise was Dee Luvbight, aka Gadget. When Paul had told me Gadget was coming it hadn’t rung a bell, but I’d met Dee and her husband Mick just weeks before at ShibariCon, a Japanese Bondage conference in Chicago. It was great getting to know them better over the weekend. Dee is a fiery redhead who lives her life 24/7 as Mick’s slave, and it turns out, his pony… they are an amazing couple.

Life on your hands and knees is hard, and doing take after take of four-legged pony riding is grueling work. Mind you, I love being a hard-working pony, but after the 4th time of taking your rider along the same route, it does get a tad laborious. But I just tossed my long brown locks and drank down more water through my bit, and had my face powdered for the camera. Paul and I make a good team, his body weight balances well on mine, especially in bareback riding with just a pair of stirrups thrown over my corseted form. Paul, in fact, got to do 4-legged riding on 3 of the four female ponies… including a round on Coffeebean when she was dressed as Paul’s favorite type of pony- the French Maid. He even rode Missy Comet for her first time on four legs- now that pony got quite the workout over the weekend.

Missy Comet had never been outside her home stables except to go to small local events- and here we were plunging her into the deep end! From working her as a stunning ballerina show pony to letting her get her first try as a rider (dressed in Mistress Lilian’s spare English riding wear on Trigger’s shoulder), she came through the entire experience committed even further to her lifestyle as a human pony- this time in the public arena. Her grin was impossible to forget as she got down off Trigger’s shoulders, giggling unstoppably.

By the end of the day on Saturday we even got Kira Reed into pony tack. She was wonderful being trained by Maverick at basic gaits. Kira got her hands in everything! She rode me 4-legged, her spurs digging into me as she pushed me harder and harder up the hill. She was on Trigger’s shoulders three or four times as he ran her up hills, down country roads, and through high grass. I pulled her in a one-pony cart, and of course, she was there driving on one of our passes in the grand finale: a three-pony cart both on and off-road.

The three-pony cart was intense. You’d think that with three ponies pulling a cart it would get easier, the weight of the load distributed between the topless corseted ponies, tails swishing between our legs. But when you incorporate hills, pulling through waist-high grass, over gravel… we were drooling and sweating under the summer sun and by the end of the fourth pass through the route, we were ready to have dinner.

Being the smart-asses that we are, we couldn’t help but take some of Paul’s time to shoot a comedy scene. I pulled Mistress Lillian and Missy Comet in matching English riding wear along a country road, until we came to a stop. Mistress Varian came riding up in similar riding wear on Trigger’s shoulders, stopped at our side, and asked if we had any Grey Poupon. “But of Course.” It was hilarious. Even with the outtakes that occurred, it was just perfect.

When Playboy was interviewing individuals on why we are “into pony play” (and the reasons were all different), the rest of us occupied our time in the hot tub, eating snacks provided by our hostess, having deep conversations, watching pony play videos, playing and romping like fillies in the back yard, and of course, playing. With this many eager perverts, don’t you think we’d get up to some debauchery? Mick suspended Dee/Gadget from a beam under the porch as I took pictures. Missy Comet was lovingly beaten by her Mistress until she was crying (she is nicknamed the “Yowling Pony” for a reason), and Dee/Gadget and myself got up to no good flirting with one another up one side of the property and down the other.

Mick and Dee had to leave early, but the next day after all our interviews were finished, Lillian, Missy Comet and I finally convinced Paul to help us with a hair-brained scheme… by convincing the Playboy folks it would be fun to shoot. Mistress Lillian decked herself out in a long black gown, top hat and riding boots while I dressed in head-to-toe stretch PVC from Imp-of-Satan.com, full tack and plume, tight corset and Waterhole hooves- only my hands and face exposed. We threw one of the pony carts in the back of Paul’s truck- then off we went along with Mistress Varian, Paul’s Brother, and the Playboy crew… down to the local Dairy Queen.

Imagine a small town in rural West Virginia. It’s Sunday, you’re working at the only fast food restaurant in town, and you don’t hear a car, but something sets off the “someone wants to place an order” light. You take their order for one small vanilla ice cream cone, and as they pull up, you look out the window to see a shiny human pony pulling a curvy blonde in a tight corset. It’s not a dream. Welcome to our reality. And we caught it all on film and video.

The local sheriff came by when we went inside (so Lillian could get pictures of us with the crew at the Dairy Queen). He looked at me, looked at Lillian, looked at the menu, and ordered a small chocolate ice cream. He then left. I love local cops sometimes!

Back at the homestead, we all stripped down and relaxed- well-earned drinks for everyone. Sad goodbyes and long conversations lasted through the evening, and in the morning, I was off again down the road. Thank you Paul for helping make this amazing get-together happen. And thank you Playboy for keeping on his heels about making this special happen.


Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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