The 2012 “Playing Well With Others” Whistle Stop Tour!

After a few years in the making, “Playing Well With Others: Your Field Guide to Discovering, Exploring and Navigating the Kink, Leather and BDSM Communities” is out!  To celebrate, we have planned an ambitious book tour: 16 cities in 21 days! We will be traversing the USA (and Vancouver) by train (and a few legs by bus), from October 24th thru November 18th, wow.

On this crazy and exciting adventure we want to visit perverts and sexual explorers. Let’s bring this great book, a heck load of education… and entertainment too… out into the world 🙂

Help us make our dream take flight!

Boston – Hartford – New York City – Philadelphia – Baltimore – DC – Cleveland – Chicago – St. Louis – Albuquerque – Phoenix – Los Angeles – San Francisco – Portland (OR) – Seattle – Vancouver (BC)

We have two goals for this tour.  The first covers our travel costs, thank you gifts for donors, set-up costs and some of our food for the trip.  The second goal will include the costs of getting wholesale cost books out to all of these cities, as well as covering our additional travel costs (taxis, the rest of our food, etc).  The listed goal amount expresses that second goal.

By helping support this tour, not only will you be helping bring us to all these great cities for classes, shows, parties, book signings and other appearances, but you will also have a chance to bring a slice of this experience to your home.  You don’t have to be on the tour route to be part of the experience!  We will be blogging along the way. Video blogs, written blogs, audio-boo (mini-podcast) and more! You’ll get to see the adventure from home.

Plus- thank you gifts!  Get signed books, “Wanna Do Some Stuff” cards, thank-you notes, sponsoring advertising opportunities… and private class opportunities too. Please be sure to indicate how you’d like any signed materials to be dedicated in the “Comments” field when you donate!


Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.


  1. I will have to tell my friend Rose that you will be in LA and in San Francisco. She lives in California. 🙂

  2. You are incredibly prolific and an energetic doer!
    I am glad to know you & wish great success!

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