From books to classes, live stage shows to one-on-one coaching, intensive educational experiences to private ritual work, Lee Harrington has been touching the minds and hearts of individuals across the globe… following are some of the comments that have been sent to Lee (posted only with permission), or posted on public forums, to get an idea what fans are saying about Lee’s work. Have something you would like to add to this list? Join his Facebook Fan Page, or FetLife Student Lounge, and share your thoughts through the contact page!

“Wonderful, engaging presentation. I’m a therapist working in the school district and I have friends with a transgender child. Your information is so valuable for me as a friend and therapist. Thank you!” – C.M.

“I specifically want to say that I was impressed with Lee’s vernacular and phrasing. It was very inclusive and a great example to all of us as we move into the world speaking on these topics.”

– Crystal Frederick, LPC-I  

Thank you so much for your Wednesday afternoon zoom meetings! I’ve joined the past couple, and they’ve been just wonderful. I love your topics and how deep you dive, and I’m really impressed with how well you hold container for excellent conversation as well as the openness of unanswerable (but deeply in need of being chewed) questions. I’ve left each session feeling more a part of the thinking/feeling/loving kink community for which I’ve been searching.

-AmazonOriona (Madison WI)

“My sub and I we blown away by just how informative and fun your talks were. We learnt so much from you and took away many great points and ideas that we will use in our own dynamic, but also share with others in the Wellington community too.”

-Wgtn_Dom (Wellington, New Zealand)


Thank you so much for all the lovely classes that you teach. You’re such a brilliant person. I love how organized you are, the information that you choose to include, the fact that you allow group participation, yet you do it in a great way where it’s not taking over the class or what you teach. You also have that passionate, soothing voice which I love listening to at the end of the day.

-TayloR (San Francisco, California)

“I thank you for your Monsters discussion at Fusion, which I view as being the most consciousness-raising session I’ve attended to date. It’s been hugely instrumental in allowing me to identify, define, divulge and, in a few cases, approach my monsters. The results are emancipating and empowering.”

-angelysis (New York City, New York)

“A copy of Sacred Kink has made its way into my home and I want to say thank you. You have somehow managed to give me the words for so many things I have somehow felt or known intuitively, but couldn’t quite explain.

With your work I now have a vocabulary to base my own work on…and I am grateful.”

-Jessie Morris (Alberta, Canada)

“I had heard a few people talk about how your classes are interesting and informative, and that you are engaging and entertaining as a presenter. I think I can safely say that their claims were understated! I am so happy that I managed to book into your classes during Oz Kinkfest! I loved how you were open to the attendees sharing their stories and experiences, and that you opened with an invitation for us to share at the beginning of every single class. It’s obvious that you’ve been doing this for a long time, and that you truly enjoy sharing your experience! I particularly loved how patient you were and actively listened to everyone, quickly learning from the story told, often making a quick summation of the story and relating it to the topic at hand.”

-Mark Heyn, Adelaide, Australia

“I just wanted to personally thank you for your books on Shibari. You don’t know me at all and we never met, but your writings on ropes changed my kinky life forever. You introduced me this incredible world; you allowed me to build enough skills and confidence to go out there and learn even more; you helped me build my identity as a dominant; and your techniques filled my like with countless hours of priceless fun. So yeah: thanks a whole bunch, Lee!”

-Philippe (Quebec City, Quebec)

“The opportunities you created were so much of what I had hoped for, and their integration continues here at home, in my heart and family. I feel like there is still so much to chew on, and lovely images and ideas that your rituals brought to the surface.”

-Leanne (Toronto, Ontario)

Over the past couple of years, the resources, writings, and podcasts you’ve shared have really helped me build a happier and healthier life for myself. Thank you for all of the work that you do! You’ve helped me come to a lot of important realizations and let my true self shine through!”

-Wendy Bolm (Oakland, California)

“I am honored to have met you this past weekend Lee. The path of my artwork is forever reconceived. Thank you for helping me to accept myself more fully. Your work is deeply inspirational.”

-M.L. (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

“You are an amazing teacher. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

At the end of the class, I asked you for an autograph on the back of my handout you gave. When I read what you wrote, I leaked some tears while I walked away, your words touched me so much.

I am in the process of ordering your books, and I cannot wait to start reading them. I cannot say which one I want to read first, the Shibari, or Eightfold. Maybe I will have to do just both!”
-switchgurlsluvr (Seattle, Washington)

“I just finished reading Sacred Kink last night and had to drop you a note to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I was thoroughly impressed with how you were able to look at the issues you were talking about from so many angles and points of view. It did make me ponder a few times! Although the path of the horse was not about “pony-play” per se (as in let’s put our harness plumes on and dance to disco) it was a delightful surprise, and most interesting.
Thank you for all of the effort and adding such a quality work to the kink literature.”

-Mitzivee (White Plains, New York)

“I came across your profile and thought I would drop you a note. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into your book Shibari You Can Use. It was my first book on the subject. I learned a great deal from it and it inspired my love of the art form… as well as some truly wonderful scenes in the years since. I have also heard some of your interviews on the various podcasts I listen to. Thank you for the insight, knowledge, and personal experiences you have shared with the world through them as well. I think I will cut this short, lest I continue rambling. You are an asset to the community and I wish you many happy years doing what you love and living how you live.”

With warmest regards,
-Sir Christian (New Jersey)

“Thank you. I can’t express to you how much I took away from your workshop – Beyond Bowed Heads. You put so many parts of my relationship with my Dom into perspective. You put into words things that I hadn’t been able to articulate to others – or even to myself on some levels. And you helped me realize what I desire in my D/s relationships, some of the rituals that are important to me, and that I shouldn’t give up hope in finding what I want.

Thank you for touching my life and the lives of so many others!

-B00kLover (Portland, Oregon)

“I took your class on creative bondage this year. I have to say it was one of the funnest classes I took. It was very inspiring and out of the box. That to me is a big deal in my rope work and lifestyle.
I thought I might share a couple of my photos with you and see what you think of the work. It was an honor to take your class and I hope to see you there next year.”

-Gabriel Black, House of Wolves (New Orleans, Louisiana)

“I have been a fan of yours for sometime and I have to tell you that your book pretty much sealed my fate as a rigger. Of course I have to give credit to Midori and the Knotty Boys and several of my favorite rope mentors but your style just really did it for me.
So just wanted to send you a little message and give you a warm fuzzy that you really did influence me.”

-Robert (Houston, Texas)

“I must admit that my partner and I have been having problems figuring what it is exactly we are doing in the terms of our D/s, most of the workshops we have attended to date being language and protocol that neither of us seemed all that connected to or interested in. You gave a new frame and language that both of us found quite appealing and I am actually looking forward to working through the hand out you gave us with him.
Thank you so much.”

-Moon_Dancer (Vancouver, British Columbia)

“Thank you again for all the workshops and words you brought to KinkFest! It was very good to sit in your classes again, they are always engaging and entertaining in the least, but beyond that typically powerful and insightful. Totally loved the genderqueer bondage! I leave your classes thinking about lots and feeling even more. And I really appreciate your deep dedication and heartfelt commitment to communities, it truly shows.”

-terra (Seattle, Washington)

“After one of Lee’s classes we went home with a copy “Shibari You Can Use,” and got tying. He got me bound up, we had a great time and… I got pregnant! We’d been trying for 6 years. My little girl is now 4, and I keep enjoying bondage to this day.”

-Sulis (Phoenix, Arizona)

“I attended Shibaricon 2010 and had the pleasure to sit in on several of your classes. You’re amazing. The friends that I came with had told me you were, but it’s different when you actually sit down for a part of your life that will be over in an hour guided by someone who may never even know who you are, and find your life changed by it. You may not’ve set me on a new course that was pivotal in my journey through this life I dived into about 7 months ago, but you did give me experiences that I will remember for the rest of that journey. Okay, maybe I didn’t turn a hard right or a hang a left into a hairpin turn on the road I’m traveling, but I’d definitely say that my Fet-GPS has a hell of a lot more points-of-interest, and I now know how to read the maps a little better.”

You’re pretty cool. Thank you.”

Thank you most kindly,

-Raven (Baltimore, Maryland)

“Speed Bondage class at Kinkfest in Portland, Oregon 2011 – Lee Harrington’s charismatic style combined with a relaxed yet controlled repertoire with the audience was wonderful. I love it when workshops work.”

Thank you,

-zoe (Portland, Oregon)

“Thank your for your sharing yesterday at Society of Janus. It was inspiring and has kicked off a much needed set of discussions between Bear and I.”
-Safira (San Francisco, California)”

“Just wanted to drop in and say that you are awesome. Not just because of the class, but because of who you are and how far you go out of your way to share that level of openness with others who may benefit. I attended the rope class when you visited Tulsa, knowing that it would be pretty damn fantastic just because I had already been acquainted with you as a person… but have to say that as fantastic as the class was, the best part of the night was just sitting and listening to you talk as various people led you off into various tangents.

I’m pretty sure that I learned more in those couple of hours rambling conversation than in months worth of research.”

-Shanon (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

“I’ve been a fan for several years and I just wanted to say that of all the teachers I’ve had over the years, you’re the guy that I consider to have been the most transformative for me. Not just in terms of hands-on kink skills, but also in helping me define and understand how I interact with partners. Those are things that have stuck with me ever since, and I wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks. It’s a rare sort of skill to be able to teach someone to be better at doing something, and at the same time manage to teach them to be a better person.”

-Max Last (South Carolina)

“I attended Lee’s AIS All-Day Bondage Intensive, and I just have to say that if every teacher in the world had Lee’s attitude about his students and ability to break down each piece of knowledge into steps, then the world would be a much more knowledgeable place.

From simple single-column ties (great for those times when you want limbs fastened to things like bedposts) to intricate chest and crotch ties, Lee taught the basics of bondage and then let us explore embellishing them – and even gave us all the chance to show off!

Lee makes sure that everyone in the class gets personal attention if they need it, and teaches in such a way that everyone, from beginner to expert can follow along and learn the technique before moving on.

But most impressive is Lee’s energy and creativity. If you attend one of Lee’s classes, you will NOT be disappointed (except when it ends and you have to go home). You will laugh, you will make friends, you will have a great time, and – above all – you will LEARN.

If you only get to take one class, make it one of Lee’s.”

-Carmen (Columbus, Ohio)

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