You ask about clowns?

So Lisa Scott, from UK Metro ( asked to interview me about clown fetish for their newspaper. Oh, why not, if I get copies.

So, here is what I responded back to a plethora of questions for her:

Sunday night onward I’ll be in the Caymans with no net connection.

Here is my clown info page:
Tons of links on it to help you search.

Clinically, I do not have a clown fetish. In the scene, people say I do.
Here is the difference (hi, academic sex educator kicking in): In the
clinical/pych community, a fetish refers to a paraphelia, an object, prop
or concept obsession that completely replaces or taxes over “normal” sex.
Fetish clinically has a 1-6 (or 1-5) range, and starts out at 1-2 as a
Partialism (oooh,I like that, but can live without it, but gosh I like it
a lot and it gets me hot) to 5-6 (I don’t care if the sexy person is in my
bed who I love, they’re not wearing a clown nose, I can’t get it up, and
in fact, I’d rather go spend time alone with my clown nose than ever have
sex again). Most people in the “fetish” communities are on the 1-3 end of
the scale, but ya know, there are some 4+ folks, but I am not one of them.

That said.

I enjoy clowning for a few reasons:
1) costumes. I create a space away from day to day life and work by
transformation and knowing I am out of mundane space. I also love keeping
an eye open for bargain shopping finds in bright orange.
2) persona. Sherbet is fun, extroverted, crazy, has no qualms about
crushing social boundaries or leaping over them. She laughs and cries
when I’m not sure I could. She is me taken above and beyond myself, and
putting on her shoes is a joy.
3) fun. I like laughing, being silly, and letting my hair down as it were.
4) texture. One thing that often goes hand in hand with clowning is
splosh or messy food play. Pies in the face, covering myself with ice
cream, being down and dirty- it’s a really neat sensation.
5) sensual self-time. The process of doing the white face for Sherbet
takes time, solo time, where I get to connect with myself and let go of my
days stresses.
6) absurd sexuality. Ever had the desire to put random things in your
bits, or be gagged with a bannana. No excuses needed for as absurd as you
want to be, within limits.
7) non-sexual street joy. I really enjoy dressing in clown gear and going
to the grocery store. No sexual hard-on, just joy. Seeing kids point,
seeing adults laugh as I shop for vegis, etc.
8) public event street joy. I enjoy going to public adult themed events
(leather/bdsm events, swinger parties, etc) as a clown, because clowns are
above social taboos. Gay men can walk up and ask to squeeze my tits, and
when they do, I honk, and they look at each other knowingly and laugh.
People can let THEIR hair down around me, and the aura around my absurdity
allows others to relax for a bit and laugh.
9) fear play. Yup, there is a dark side to my clowning, but its small
compared to the rest of what I do. Clowns are above taboos, right? They
get in peoples faces at events, but also back off when they see kids are
scared. But when doing erotic clowning, ya never really know what the
clown is going to do next. I like messing with that uncertainty, that
fear, and keeping people erotically on their toes.

I rarely clown for money. I do kink clown shows, like the one I did at
the NZ fetish ball, which pay alright, but I make more as an erotic
educator ( (scroll down)

Usually it is events saying hey, want to come to our event for free and
have some fun, add some atmosphere? Or me and a gaggle of friends all
dressing up and going out around town together, or going to a party
together- a group of clowns is more fun than one, and to be honest, safer.
We’re talking sexy clowns here, many in skimpy outfits, so there are
assholes out there who have verbally bashed Sherbet. It’s sad.

Let me know if I can help more.

Lee “Bridgett” Harrington


Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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