Seeking Phoenix Rope

IMG_1695A number of years back, gosh, a long while back now, there was a fire at the Twisted Monk production facility.

The first batch of rope he did after the fire was done in beautiful red/yellow tones, and was listed as the color Phoenix.

As a pagan and spirit worker, I use this rope for magical working, and use it occasionally for emotional connection as well. And, over the past 3 years, I have begun collecting it whenever I can. Some came into my hands when a friend passed away. Some showed up in a donation bin that came across my lap. One piece appeared at ShibariCon and I bartered for it…

And I want yours 🙂

Okay, if you love your Phoenix rope, use it, love it… please keep your ropes. It is lovely rope. But if you have rope that you are not working with, I am very interested in acquiring it from you. Any size, any length.

Please contact me at or PassionAndSoul on facebook, fetlife or twitter. I look forward to helping your rope find a new home.


Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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