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Hello Beautiful Beings,

This is a window of blessings. A new home I’m moving into as soon as I am back from International Mr. Leather and Camp Crucible. Friends supporting me and understanding producers amidst health adventures. And? My new book out!

Become Your Own Beloved: A Guide to Delighting in Self-Connection” has been years in the making. The first book out from the Twin Flames imprint of Post Hill Press, it has been such an honor to have the editors there believe in this work, and the amazing reviews already over on Amazon (and other places on social media). It journeys into how to get to know ourselves, the ways we can build a relationship with our authentic self (from friend and co-worker to partner and beloved), doing so around others and in community, forgiveness of ourselves, and more. The graphic here shows the following quote:

“So many of us spend more time getting to know other people and their desires than we do getting to know ourselves. We say things to ourselves that we would never let another person say to us. We treat our bodies in ways that we’d never treat anyone else. Why? Because when we don’t know someone, even if that someone is ourselves, it’s easier to ignore their needs, wants, dreams, and desires.” – Lee Harrington, “Become Your Own Beloved: A Guide to Delighting in Self-Connection.”

On InstagramFacebookTwitter, and Tumblr I’ve debuted a weekly self-love quote Sunday and book quotes every week or two as well – either from Become Your Own Beloved or my other projects. It’s been exciting going through my work to find pieces that stand on their own. What have been some of your favorite quotes from my books?

Part of this process of the book coming out is getting to be on an array of interviews and discussions about the topics of self-connection, self-love, and self-care. Here are some both deep and playful about delighting in self-connection, absolutely FREE:
SubMerge Podcast – Episode 59: Imposter syndrome, self forgiveness, overcoming stereotypes, and authentic kink with Lee Harrington
American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron — How to Love Yourself with Lee Harrington
What Women and other Wonderful Humans Want Podcast — Healing after Divorce, Learning Self-Connection, Finding Community, and More with Lee Harrington 
Erotic Awakening — Red Flags, Self-Relationship, and Becoming Your Own Beloved
Crimson Coven Chat — Self-Forgiveness, Self-Connection, Magick, and How To Become Your Own Beloved with Lee Harrington


In the past few weeks over on Patreon, I have had a chance to connect with my Patrons regularly through:
Playlists curated by me for kink scenes and play
Notes and resources from a discussion I led called, “Consensual Non-Monogamy for Today and Beyond”
Videos of my rehearsal and performance of, “Bound by Desire”
Kinky Scout Badges
A handout from my class, “Laughing Our Way Through Intimacy”
A poem titled, “The Taste,” inspired by my reading of adrienne marie brown’s Pleasure Activism and personal experiences of disability

I will be teaching a variety of classes at Camp Crucible in Northern Maryland (May 27-June 4), Midnight Sun Hedonism 4 in Fairbanks, Alaska (June 16-19), and Meow Meow Conference in Berlin, Germany(June 23-25). Unfortunately, these three events are sold out. However, for June and July, you can come join me LIVE online at: 

Sex and Desire for Trans*+ Folks and Our Lovers
Online Worldwide via Patreon
Thursday, June 8th | 6-8p PST, 7-9p MST, 9-11p EST
More info:
Let’s skip to the meat of the matter: we want sex, we have sex, and we deserve sex. But how can we reclaim our pleasure rights when we won’t even talk about it with our friends and lovers? In this class we will dive into the fears we have around rejection and body dysphoria, then put that all on a shelf for a few minutes to dive into what actually WORKS! How does humor and joy play into our pursuit of pleasure? What issues face trans* folks or others who are outside the binary who have male, female, transgender, non-binary, two-spirit, and gender-expansive partners? We’ll touch on the issues of safer sex as well, in a community where transphobia or loneliness can impact our ability to advocate for ourselves in the bedroom. Breathe deep and get ready to listen from your heart and share courageously.

Pain is Inevitable, Suffering is Optional: Techniques for Erotic Pain Processing 
Online Worldwide via Karada House
Friday, June 9th | 11a-1p PST, 12-2p MST, 8-10p CET
More info:
Each of us processes pain and intense sensations in different ways. Some of us scream, some go silent, and others laugh with glee. There are those that focus on the connection they have with their partners and go stoic, while others dance, writhe, and squirm to let the pain come out through movement. From distracting ourselves with other thoughts or body inputs, to breathing techniques, we will discuss how different individuals process pain and how to increase your own effectiveness in transmuting pain into pleasure, suffering, or erotic connection.

Playing Well With Others: Discovering and Exploring the Kink Communities
Online Worldwide via Pragmatically Kinking
Wednesday, July 12th | 6-8p PST, 7-9p MST, 9-11p EST
More info:
Ever wanted to get involved in the kink community but don’t know where to start? Shy and overwhelmed? Curious about the types of events and get togethers out there in the land of pervyness? Every event is different, and you deserve to find one that fits you. We’ll look into why folks want to be part of the community (and how that affects your adventure), some of the myths you’ll encounter along the way (from outsiders and kinksters alike), the pitfalls we may encounter, and have fun along the way. So pull out your social graces, dust off those leather boots (or heels, or sandals), and let’s dive into this foray into kink events and culture.

Beyond Bowed Heads: Rituals for Dominance and Submission
Online Worldwide Patreon
Monday, July 17th | 6-8p PST, 7-9p MST, 9-11p EST
More info:
Rituals are a key part of any D/s relationship, whether acknowledged or otherwise. From casual kisses at the door to formal slave poses, ritual objects such as collars to slave contracts, the BDSM world is rife with concepts of ritual – but what is a ritual? What are the levels of ritualistic interaction we have between one another? Let’s look at our rituals in day-to-day life, erotic play, solidifying relationships, changes within relationships, and the taboo subject of the devastating loss of a relationship or its natural end. From terminology to developing codes of ethical interaction, this class covers a bevy of styles and types of interpersonal reactions that can help everyone in a relationship examine what they are already doing, and what they want to build together.
I also have other classes and events coming in the next few months! I will be teaching about determining your risk profile, rope bondage, and more. You can see a few of my upcoming offerings below, and you can visit my Upcoming Appearances page to learn about the rest of my future offerings during the summer and beyond.
July 27, 2023 – Leading an “Effective Speaking and Presenting Skills” intensive – TRC – Birmingham, AL
July 28, 2023 – Teaching “Determining Your Risk Profile” – TRC – Birmingham, AL
July 29-30 – Teaching “Sacred Rope,” “Elemental Bondage,” “GenderQueer Bondage,” “Rope for Me,” “Asymmetrical Bondage,” and “Speed Bondage” – TRC – Birmingham, AL
August 8, 2023 – Teaching “Playing with Trans* Folks” – Karada House – Online Worldwide
August 14-19, 2023 – Appearing on “The Masculine within a Feminine Spirituality” panel – Parliament of World Religions – Chicago, IL
August 30-September 4, 2023  Teaching classes, running a special event, and running rituals – Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp – N. Maryland

To check out all my further scheduled classes and intensives throughout the year (and more being added regularly), visit my Upcoming Appearances page to learn more. To enjoy further free material from me, consider joining me on Patreon where I share weekly resources, monthly classes, and more 🙂
Much love to you all and see you soon!
Yours in Passion and Soul,
Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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