Spirituality Groups

Whether you are a small spiritual group looking to expand your knowledge or a large festival looking for intriguing and unique content to add to your lineup, the following content is broken down into three different categories. The first are workshops, discussions, or presentations that range in length from 1-2.5 hours, while the second group are rituals and sacred experienced arranged for attendees. A handful of these, along with all of the intensives listed at the end, have limited attendance, so please confirm with Lee which of these are the best for your needs, wants, and desires.

Classes and rituals with a + after the name are available to be taught online.

In addition to the following course list, Lee is also available for custom-designed courses through collaborative design with your needs, as well as keynote presentations on a wide variety of topics. Moreover, Lee also offers online and in-person classes for Universities as well as Kink and Sexuality Groups. Feel welcome to contact him with any questions.

Classes, Workshops, and Presentations

When power exchange is discussed in many circles of BDSM, the notion of power being literally exchanged is often glossed over or forgotten. Whether you are kinky or not, conscious constructions of interpersonal dynamics can be an intense tool for accessing life force and the dance of it between individuals or a group. We will look at types of conscious and unconscious power exchange dynamics, why people would want them for an evening or between lifetimes, and how to apply this technology to your own magical work, energetic feeding, and life. This will also include awareness concerning astral connections, unintentional bonding, and destructive behaviors. Power is power, and inequality is not inequity, so let us look at this together with eyes wide open.
Many of us are not just sexual explorers, kinksters, swingers, hedonists, power exchange practitioners, polyamorists, or queer sex radicals. We are people of faith, belief, and spirit that long to reconcile the balance between our various parts of self. We are Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Hindu, Catholic, or follow many other spiritual systems and truths. What struggles and unexpected joys have you found through the balance between your erotic identities and the truths of your connections to divinity? Come discuss your hopes, fears, sorrows, and joys amongst other individuals invested in or struggling with their respective beliefs as sexual beings.
We have entered into a renaissance in the world of divination decks. Whether home-made or high-production, classical or reinterpreted, tarot decks and oracle decks have come to be lifted up as powerful tools for divination and inspiration alike. How do you choose which deck is right for you? From symbolism and art style to card size and quality, you not only get to choose a deck but also connect with the deck emotionally and energetically. In this workshop we will explore these questions together. Attendees will leave with inspirations and specific techniques to try with their first, current, potential, or future decks. Bring a deck or two of your own if you want to play along!
This hands-on class for all ages will look at knot, string, and cord magic in many cultures, then have each person learn how to use knot and cord magic in their own life. We will look at: types of cords and fibers to use, energetically charging cords for magical work, different knots for different intentions, basic cord magic spells... and more! Supplies will be provided for you to practice cord magic in class then take your knowledge and projects home.
When many people think of erotic restraint, images of intense pornography often come to mind. This is only one small sliver of what ropework can be used for. In this presentation we will explore how this powerful tool can create amazing art on the canvases of our lovers’ bodies or be used for transformative rituals of intimacy and healing. The simple concept of wrapping lines around a beloved (or ourselves) can tap into the power of our sensuality, mindfulness, passion, and delight. It can also challenge us into cathartic ordeals, emotional transformation, and connections with the divine. Let us dance between the worlds in transcendent scenes and bound bliss. Bring your curiosity and open up to the possibilities this often misunderstood tool can hold.
The world of sex magic is clouded in mystery, with images of shadowy covens and yogis who possess cults of scantily clad women filling the imagination. However, erotic energy working is simultaneously more complex – and much more accessible – than pop media might have us believe. Sexual contact and connection is a powerful tool to use in our sacred, sensual, and spiritual lives. From the “Great Rite” to dedicated tools, the power of orgasm to the debates about polarity and resonance, we will examine a wide variety of topics surrounding the world and applications of erotic alchemy. Join us as we examine and discuss raising sexual energy to create connection, manifest change in our lives, and affect the world at large.
Fiber magic has been a part of sacred mysteries for ages. The Fates measure our lives, weave them into the tapestry of life, and then cut our cords when our time has run out. Let’s learn about the applications of this magical tool, from intention setting to connection building, blessings to curses, weaving lives together to relaying the strands of our own lives into the patterns we desire. This presentation includes discussions of handfastings, dream catchers, restraint ordeals, cutting astral cords, and even creating “haunted” rope. Come draw back the curtain on the many ways rope and fiber have been and continue to be used for magic, connection, spirituality and more.
Putting on a mask and becoming “something else” for a moment is just a form of roleplaying, right? Not for everyone. Whether diving into a persona that is inherent to our very being, calling down God-forms, donning characters in rituals, or embracing animal roles, invocation and evocation can be powerful tools for both personal exploration and intense ritual work. From wardrobe to rituals, dabbling in manifestation to evoking emotional responses, getting into head space to ending possessions, we’ll discuss these tools together. Through stories, theory, exercises, and sharing, we will work to integrate techniques for growth, connection, roleplaying, and spiritual identity alike.
When a client comes to therapists, educators, or helping professionals around the intersection of kink and spirit, we get to examine why they are coming to YOU. You don’t have to understand the nuances of kink to serve your clientele! In this presentation we will break down the basics of what gets called kink, as well as the differences between faith, sacred experience, and spiritual paths, allowing us to better serve some of the actual concerns clients might have. There are many ways in which kink mirrors spirituality, spirituality mirrors kink, and consciously combining these two can even help our clients. Whether they have had unexpected sacred moments amidst taboo sexual expression or fear the loss of community if they come “out” as having diverse desires, no two people are the same, so let’s break it down and add nuance to your understanding on these topics.
If you are currently a sex worker doing magical work, a magical worker using sex as a tool, or something else that might apply, this safer space and discussion is for you. For example, you might be a spirit worker, ceremonial magician, shaman, sacred whore, god spouse, or someone dedicating their sex life to the divine. Depending on the desires and needs of those who attend, we might discuss our ethics, magical practices, safer sex systems, approaches to finances, temple work, ritual design, and the difference between sex magic and magical sex. We can share our personal challenges, lift up our delights, and troubleshoot with one another about our challenges as erotic and magical peers. You are not alone in your work and passions, so come meet your peers and build connections.
Many pagan or magic-based paths are not LGBTQ+ focused, and yet magic in and of itself has a queer nature. In this class we will discuss queer deities throughout history as well as the ancestors that can be drawn upon outside of bloodlines. Let us acknowledge the power of being outside of, living between, or embracing multiple layers of orientation, identity, and experience. We will explore queering and queered magics, from turning rituals that already exist into ones that center queer experience, to creating or embracing rituals and paths specifically for those of us who walk these paths. This class is open to anyone drawn to learn more about these topics, share their own personal experiences, be around peers, or become an ally through looking at the expansive nature of magic beyond boundaries.
The world over, body modification is used as a way to express identity – whether that is self-identity, cultural (or subcultural) affiliation, milestones, political views, or spiritual connections. We have all made modifications to live our lives, such as having a specific hair style to blend in with our peer circles or dressing in a certain way. We will look at the wide variety of body modifications available today from henna/mehndi to hook suspension, tattoos to ritual jewelry, stage makeup to genital reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation to flesh removal. We will also discuss the energy inherent in each type of modification, issues of cultural appropriation, and the social implications of body modification. Let’s examine why every act of modifying our flesh can be sacred, and every act can be profane – no matter the type of alteration, no matter the transformation.
In our sensual, sexual, kink, BDSM, and fetish encounters, many of us enter into altered states of consciousness without being aware of it! Exploring the eight major routes of Sacred Kink, we will examine how we use the Path of Ritual for earning our leathers, Path of Rhythm for cathartic flogging, Path of Flesh for sensual bondage scenes, and so much more. Come learn how to be conscious of your own sacred and magical connections, how these tools have been used for thousands of years, and how to incorporate new approaches to deepen your energetic connections in the future.
Rope has the power to be used as a diverse energetic, spiritual, and magical tool. By hearing the stories and experiences of others in the community and throughout history, you can design your own ways of applying this amazing tool in your life. Ordeal path workings using torture tie techniques. Artwork woven on our lovers’ bodies for healing and sensuality. Hand-made rope collars for intentional acts of submission. Transformational rites using rope for rites of passage or deity invocation. Bondage positions for yoga, trance workings, and divination. Listen, learn, and be inspired, no matter your path or experience level.
How do we as sacred sex explorers protect ourselves energetically and physically during acts and journeys that involve our bodies, Will, and desire? From masturbation to kink and all manifestations in-between, we will discuss how to use our erotic props (safer sex supplies, sex toys, fetish items, and other gear) for magical shielding, as extensions of our astral body, and for energetic empowerment. Join us as we discuss body fluids and prana, moving our energy beyond physical barriers, choosing what parts of ourselves intermingle with our partners, dedicating our erotic props, and examining energy ethics. A background in sex magic and energy working is useful to be an active part of the conversation but is not required for attendance.

Rituals and Sacred Experiences

Turn your focus inward, find your Will for transformation in the coming year, and work that Will in this hands-on learning ritual. Using the basics of binding fiber magic, we will weave our desires into the cords before us, learn about types of knots and knot magic, understand the basics of dedicating tools, and then bind all of our spells together into a single long line. From there we will work together to build a single pattern, focus our Wills into attracting our desires, and learn the basics of tasseomancy (pattern reading for divination) using the web before us. Learn new magic techniques with your hands and transform your life with the binding intentions of this fiber ritual.
How are you feeling and experiencing the event so far? Would you like a chance to simply talk these things out loud as a tool for processing, without others needing to chime in? Join us in the sharing of our hearts and spirits in a non-religious experience of intention and safety. This space will be a chance for everyone to open up or bear witness to your journey and that of others. The heart circle is confidential, and all participants must agree to confidentiality and respect before the circle begins. Please arrive on time as there will be no late entry allowed.
We each form different relationships in our lives with friends, family, lovers, and others. But what about our relationship with ourselves? In this intense ritual and journey into love, the ultimate question will be asked, “Do you take yourself to be your own spouse?” To love and to cherish, to appreciate and support, for the rest of your days? Come dressed in wholesome white or slutty scarlet, a three piece suit or your birthday suit, as this group self-marriage ritual explores our passions in our personal journeys. Come make a commitment to your SELF that reflects your authentic passions and truths.
When people think of ordeals, images of walking on hot coals or hanging from flesh hooks might come to mind. But for many people, pushing the limits of the heart can be far more taxing than pushing the limits of the flesh. All are welcome and encouraged to attend the ordeal whether you enter the center or not. One by one, courageous ritualists will take to the center and choose which words of love, acceptance, adoration, and awesomeness that they would like bestowed upon them. You are an amazing being, and by braving the fire of your self-deprecation, you can come out holding the mantle of your own love.
On the other side of the veil your beloved waits. Join this ritual circle and sensual guided meditation out of our mundane world and into the land of our spirit, where our companion awaits us. Some of us will connect to the flame at the heart of the universe, beating in union with our souls and loins. Others will open up to find a specific spirit, deity, or being who has been hoping to court us as a one-time liaison or as a partner along our life’s journey. It is also possible that we may find a reflection of ourselves longing to embrace our own hedonistic worship and desire. Bring a towel, and perhaps a pillow, sex toys, blindfolds or other tools that you are called to bring for auto-erotic touch as well. Gloves, lube, and other safer solo-sex supplies will be available as well, though physical auto erotic stimulation and/or nudity are not requested or required for participation. Please arrive on time as there will be no late entry allowed.
Only at Ramblewood Retreat, Maryland

At big events, most of us only ever get to see 10-15 acres of this beautiful 200-acre piece of land. This hour and a half (or so) hike will take us from the Dining Hall to the Labyrinth, along the property line near the the Lake, to the back path that leads off to the Raven’s Roost and the River, back past the Camp Fire and the Obstacle Course, and wrap up by the Amphitheater. Lee will guide you along the pulse and ley lines as you listen to Ramblewood’s majesty for yourself. We will walk in mindfulness and bring attention to our breath as we walk, while hearing stories from Ramblewood’s past, present and future.

Please bring: a large bottle of water; a removable overshirt in case it gets cold in the shady areas; comfortable walking/hiking shoes and socks; and a sense of awe and wonder. If it is wet or cold, also bring a jacket, umbrella, and/or hat. Using bug spray or sunblock isn’t a bad idea either. The first segment is predominantly mobility device friendly, while the rest goes off-road and has some hills and rough areas. This is a fantastic way for campers new and old to find hidden spots for enjoying later, learn about the property, or simply breathe in the amazing space that is Ramblewood.
So many are drawn to the sacred feminine or sacred masculine, but what of those of us who hold the energy of both in our body, neither, or something else entirely? After all, if divinities worldwide have danced beyond the binary, so can we. Let us honor the land, spaces, elements, ancestors, deities, and parts of ourselves that exist beyond and between. Through words, breath, dance, and/or movement, we will process feelings, thoughts, joys, and actions that arise in this complex experience surrounding energy, divinity, gender, and sex.

Attendees are invited to don the garb that best expresses their connection to these energies or manifests their authentic experience for this shared online ritual experience. Bring your delight, your curiosity, your passion, and perhaps some of your discomfort as well – after all, sacredness is a complex thing, especially for those of us beyond and between.

Attendees are invited to don the garb that best expresses their connection to these energies or manifests their authentic experience for this shared online ritual experience. Bring your delight, your curiosity, your passion, and perhaps some of your discomfort as well – after all, sacredness is a complex thing, especially for those of us beyond and between.
Your personal gender and sex are far more complex than your physical form might suggest. Join this ritual and sensual guided meditation out of our mundane world and into the land of our spirit, where we will see our astral forms for what they are. Greeting and meeting our energetic self, we will learn to shift our shapes into a variety of forms that our astral flesh is called to. After exploring the basics of shifting our astral genders, we will ask these selves that are us what messages of connection, desire, or touch they have for us today and as we move forward in our lives. This ritual work is based on the astral transformational rituals conducted by Raven Kaldera, adapted for our own journey as a group.

Bring a towel, and perhaps a pillow, sex toys, blindfolds or other tools you are called to potentially use. Gloves, lube, and other safer solo-sex supplies will be available, though physical auto erotic stimulation and/or nudity are not required for participation. Please arrive on time as there will be no late entry allowed.


Some educational material needs to be explored more deeply to truly absorb, or appreciate, the material. Over the years, Lee Harrington has developed these intensives as an opportunity for a group of students to dive into a topic, as well as other intensive learning opportunities for individual students. Lee has also done work in immersive spiritual exploration that is not listed here. To bring an intensive to your town, please contact Lee.

Co-Presented with Meredith Muse

If the creed of the Goddess states that all acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals, what magick and power can be tapped into by exploring our body, sensuality, and sexuality? In this two-day online intensive, we will explore how we will develop tools to uncover the erotic power present in our senses and mindful journey. We will be acknowledging our collective traumas concerning our sexualities as well in the over-culture so that we can heal.

Through deep sharing, movement, playful exercises, journaling, and artwork, we will explore where our bodies have been to set the groundwork for evoking our emotions and engaging in ritual self-touch, remembering that touch comes in so many forms. Come ready to share your hearts and open up to the whispers and delight of sex magick and embodied wisdom.
8 hour intensive

How many of us have felt the longing to fly? To take off from the ground, and return again? Whether we are shapeshifters or sensualists, rope enthusiasts or magi who want to use aerial rope skills as a tool for ceremonies, suspension is an incredibly powerful tool. In this intensive, we will learn basic physiology of suspension, examine why we are called to do this work, and then learn how to make this magic happen ourselves. Chest harnesses, hip harnesses, one column ties, drop lines, mechanical advantage, and attachment techniques will be taught. By the end of this intensive, you will learn at least two different poses of suspension, with the basic skills for applying the concepts to many other ideas. If time allows, we will also look into moving between poses midair and employing alternative harness forms.

Students will need a minimum of five 25-30 foot pieces of rope and two 15 foot pieces of rope, all of which should be load-worthy. Students will also need either a suspension ring, four climbing carabiners, or some other metal load-bearing gear. Knowing how to tie a square knot, half-hitch, and lark's head are required, but no bondage or suspension experience is necessary. By the end of this course, every rope artist will have had an opportunity to get their partner, or themselves, up in the air.

Though focusing on the technical aspects of how to move bodies in partial and full suspension, it will also dive into how we can apply suspension for our purposes, from magic to meditation, ordeals to deity work. Let your rope be a prayer, your lines be a spell, and the work we do together create potential for us all.
6 hour intensive

With ropes in hand and dancing across our flesh, we can each feel the lines if we close our eyes. Our partner’s breath flows out, and we breathe it in. They struggle, we hold the line.

In this full-day intensive, let us experiment with ways to build our mindfulness and passion alike using rope bondage. With touch and sensuality, rhythm and objectification, let’s feel our way into different ties from both sides of the line. Dominance and submission are one form of power exchange we will tap into in our floor work, as well as giving and receiving, topping and bottoming, and artist to canvas. Beyond the binaries, we will find the ways that we each let our juice flow, all while learning a variety of ties and practicing those we already know.

This intimate course is limited to ten couples/triads. Each couple/triad will need a minimum of three 25-foot pieces of rope (more encouraged), your spirit, and curiosity alike.
3-day intensive

The elements and practices of Sacred Kink are boundless. Spiritual seekers, erotic explorers, and sexual kinksters alike are drawn to the power of alternate states of consciousness. During the course of this 3-day intensive, we will explore the Eightfold Paths of Sacred Kink through hands-on practices, hearts-open exercises, and rituals of energetic engagement. This weekend experience is a chance to awaken the skin, embrace our breath, arouse creativity, laugh loud, purge pain, and release rhythm. We will further develop our natural abilities in an intimate group setting, learning how others have been traversing their erotic journeys as well.

This is an intimate experience open to 22 attendees to provide a deeper learning and experiential environment. All attendees are interviewed in advance to make sure they are a good fit for our deep dive into the self and community experiences. Whether you are attending solo, in pairs, triads, or small groups, not all rituals or hands-on explorations will be with the same people as we dance between these various paths to altered states.

Safety is paramount, and thus the venue offers a resting space to allow participants to actively opt in and out of each experience during the weekend. Each time this intensive is run, it is also adjusted based on the needs of those in attendance. Additionally, morning coffee/snacks, lunches, and dinners are provided during the weekend with individual needs and allergies in mind to allow for the group to spend more immersive time together. Sometimes the deepest learning and bonding we can have is in the liminal spaces between formal instruction and exercises.

Join internationally known sexuality and spirituality educator, author, and spirit worker, Lee Harrington, as we journey into the shadows of our passion, descend into desire, face our fears, and find the touchstones of our erotic authenticity along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or have never delved into the depths of adventurous sex and personal truth, this immersive experience will expand your own path of Sacred Kink.

Feel the rhythm of your heart and flesh as we drum our bodies and hearts. Share your visions of ordeals that you could build consciously for your life. Delve into your desires, learn how to communicate what you long for in touch, and practice receiving what you need from those who truly long to provide. Discuss the taboos and practical applications along the path of Sacred Plants. Breathe deep into how your very body can take you into erotic trances and transformations of dominance and submission. Expand your consciousness by taking on the roles that live in your heart or challenge your senses of self. Explore ritual in the form of group mysteries full of opportunities for personal reflection.

Sacred Kink. Serious Play.

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