Ms. Cenna & Lee Harrington

Starting in 2020, Ms. Cenna and Lee Harrington will be offering co-authored and jointly presented classes. Coming together as a power exchange couple, and pair of passionate educators in their given fields, they are teaming up to dive deeper into the worlds of relationship skills, consensual non-monogamy, kink, gender awareness, and so much more.

Given their utterly opposite teaching styles, life experience backgrounds, and generally different viewpoints and perspectives, their classes offer attendees a chance to see various topics from different sides of the coin. Whether through personal interaction, demonstrating interpersonal skills, or examining deep concepts, they also bring with them some laughter and good times. 

Image by Kaprese Andre – (c)

Contemplating “The Triad” – Considerations for Both Sides 

When a couple decides to open their partnership and look for a third person to add to their lives, they often follow a path that has been traveled many times before; usually unsuccessfully. When an individual considers joining an established partnership, walls are often run into, and frustration can arise. In this class, the presenters will each take a side of the equation (The Couple and The Third), and demonstrate some of the probable thought processes, considerations, and emotional reactions; showing each side’s viewpoints for you to consider and think about. Whether you are new to polyamory or have been part of such relationships for years, this class will help attendees gain a new understanding and compassion for both sides of the search – The Couple and The Third.  

Dancing With Whips

Ahhhh… Whips!  The floggers, the cats, the single-tails… Dangerous, enticing, alluring, sensual, soft, biting, caressing, cutting, the scourging, the crack, the fear.  Truly a tool of choice for the sadist that likes to play in the dark and bring out the beast.  While first touching up on the prerequisites for such a scene, this will be a demonstration for you to enjoy.  This will not be a scene for the faint of heart, but you just *might* walk out with an idea of what is possible with the right person.

Intentional Relationship Design

Not all relationships begin with roses and chocolates – some begin with long dialogues and conscious construction. In this life-share, Ms. Cenna and her boy Lee will be discussing how they created their relationship, from its unexpected start to where it stands today – two powerful individuals sharing layers of complex D/s and a romantic partnership as well. How do they flow back and forth? How do they get their needs met? What tools might you find useful to borrow from? With 35+ years of experience between them, this pair will share lessons learned from some of their past relationships that led them to build something that embraces their partnership and their power dynamic alike. Love comes in many forms, and sometimes it comes wrapped in pages upon pages of Google Docs, long analytical discussions, and some kinky and sexy play as well.

Topping from the Bottom? Yes, Please!

Are you a Dominant and like certain activities where you bottom?  Are you worried that bottoming will ‘tarnish’ your reputation as Dominant or lessen your standing in the community? As those of you that know Ms. Cenna can attest, she does not have a submissive bone in her body.  However – she does have a skilled Boy that has been Master/Dominant to many over the last 20+ years, and he can DO stuff … awesome stuff … toppy stuff that she ENJOYS and wants. In this part-demo, part-discussion class, let us show you how to utilize your s-types topping skills while keeping them in a service-providing headspace.  Being tied up and getting flogged, requesting to be used in the bedroom, or getting face-fucked while kneeling does NOT make a person any less of a Dominant, nor does it have to switch a power exchange dynamic.  

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