Kink and Roleplaying

What one person considers kinky is another person’s regular bedroom fun… but in these workshops we explore a wide array of what the world considers kinky, freaky, or straight up fun! Some of these topics are for beginners who are new to making their sex life a little more spicy, while others are for advanced adventurers, so check out which ones light you up or might be a good fit for your group or venue. Let’s have fun, get creative, and affirm our own authentic selves in creative sexual and identity expression.

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Classes, Workshops, and Presentations

Let’s get this straight… you have twisted, perverted, alternative or kinky desires that set you apart from classical sexuality in some way. You have joined a kink community through books, online or in person… and now that community tells you what kinky “should” look like? Have you started a relationship and you are having trouble with the reality of the relationship being nothing like the fantasy of it? Be honest: flogging and rope bondage doesn’t do it for everyone, and most of us really can’t be labeled into simple categories like Top, Bottom, Dominant or Submissive. You are a complex being with personal desires, and so is that person next to you. Let’s examine and discuss what makes each of us authentic sexual explorers… finding our true sexual and sensual desires amidst the messages from our communities and beyond.
So you’ve decided that it could be fun to do some roleplaying, but aren’t sure where to go with it? Let’s develop some skills together! Using classical evocation skills we will work to pull upon our sensuality, anger, sadness, and other feelings on command. Evocation is also an amazing tool for pulling out our own inner Daddy, pony, goddess, or slave. We will then turn to the idea of invocation to tap into personal, cultural, and universal archetypes as well as other concepts that we are drawn to. Just because it’s not inside you, doesn’t mean you can’t learn through some simple exercises and brainstorming to learn how to “draw it down.” Bring your roleplaying fantasies and curiosities for this fun discussion and exercise-driven workshop.
We have been “playing pretend” since we were young… but the realm of kinky sexuality opens up all new directions roleplaying can take. Join us as we explore the shadowy realms of our fantasies and roles we can try on: abduction, abuse, torture, snuff, fantastical realms and anywhere else our twisted minds can dream up. We will discuss the joys of playing in our closet, why these dark desires turn us on, how to bring up these taboo interests with our partners, negotiating our desires, and troubleshooting the challenges these types of fantasies can elicit.
In the erotically adventurous world, a lot of conversation has been batted about concerning the idea of objectification and its supposed partner humiliation. However, for those of us who believe objects have souls, things have value, and the earth itself is not something to be thrown away when we are done with it, how does this dynamic between human and human-object shift? Let’s discuss how our interactions with a human table change for those of us who look at tables as more than wood? Can we apply our desire to create lasting relationships with our human-objects to creating lasting relationships with the non-human-objects in our world as well? In a world where everything has a soul, we will look at whether humiliation has a place in the language of objectification and dive into our own ethics while examining our objects of desire.
The world is full of risks, but each of us have different levels of willingness, capacity, and interest in taking the risks we might come across in our life. The same is true in our kinky pursuits. In this class we will look at what a risk profile is and how to decide what choices we might feel comfortable with around physical risks, legal repercussions, emotional fallout, potential psychological damage, (mis)communication possibilities, and the effects some play can have on our relationships. From Gambler’s Fallacy and trauma bonding to altered states and disproportionate effects risks can have on some population, this will be a wild ride. Though open to all attendees, buckle in as we will be discussing a variety of “edge play” activities as well as things people might consider immoral, illegal, inappropriate, dubious, and dangerous.
Exploring the world beyond media's story of "normal" sexuality can seem daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be! In this fun and informative class we will explore a wide array of love styles and relationship shapes, romantic activities, orientations, and sexual play before turning towards the world of kink. Kinky activities can range from mild to wild, and by learning about common terms and identities, fetishes, and communication styles in the bedroom (and beyond), it can help you build consent, safety, and connection alike. Let's help you figure out or more deeply discuss your interests, curiosities, passions, and what you have energy for (especially in today's day and age). Let this course demystify, delight, and disarm you by taking the terror out of these topics and bringing them out to play!
Let’s admit it: doing genital torment on transguys is different than doing it on other bodies. In some ways we struggle, but in other ways we get the best of all worlds, so let’s talk about our desires to torment, tease, punish, and pamper our amazing flesh. After discussing the varieties of genitals out there to play with (and what we call them), and how our hormones and modifications (or having had neither) have affected our CBT and sex, we will demonstrate and discuss a wide variety of torment options. Abrasion, piercing, bondage, clamps, caning… plus more advanced concepts like playing with trans genital humiliation will all be up for grabs.
From pudding wrestling to floggings with kale, blindfolded delights to “force feeding,” food play offers a wide array of opportunities for kinksters, sadomasochists, sensualists, and erotic explorers of all sorts. Join us as we discuss a wide array of ways that adults can play with their food! Whether it is the classic trope of licking whipped cream off of a lover or serving as a human platter at a party, there are so many opportunities for exploration from sweet to spicy as it were. We will discuss why folks are drawn to playing with food (whether based in joy to trauma), health and safety awareness, creative ways to explore, and share personal stories as well.
Some people like blindfolds and whipped cream. Others enjoy pushing the boundaries of what their body can take. Whether you like intense sensations or more subtle flavors, everyone wins when they learn to explore and express their tastes. There are so many tastes out there - perhaps we will uncover some new ones for you to enjoy! Let’s look together at our tastes from mild to wild, creating scenes and play for the diverse connections we have in our sexual and kinky play.
In a world where dark fantasy has been sanitized into “Safe, Sane, and Consensual,” how do we address the truths of some of our more terrifying and terrible erotic desires if they go beyond the limits of what is considered “okay” by even our community? How do we look at ourselves in the mirror after we have been ripped apart emotionally and physically, and how can we see our partners who did it to us as the same loved ones we need to live our life at large with? What do we do when our Tops comes to us with their own demons to be exorcised in the bedroom or dungeon, and those things scare us or turn us on and we are unsure if that makes us bad people. This is a closed-group, no late entry, discussion for Bottoms only (Switches may attend but only speak from their experience as Bottoms). We will examine our own inner monsters, discuss our fears and desires, and look honestly into the mirror and wonder – if we feed the monster, will it consume those we love… or if we starve it, will it eat us whole?
In a world where dark fantasy has been sanitized into “Safe, Sane, and Consensual,” how do we address the truths of some of our more terrifying and terrible erotic desires if they go beyond the limits of what is considered “okay” by even our community? How do we look at ourselves in the mirror after we have taken our partner apart in the bedroom and left them broken and battered? What do we do when our partners comes to us with their own demons to be exorcised in the bedroom or dungeon, and those things scare us or turn us on and we are unsure if that makes us bad people. This is a closed-group, no late entry discussion for Tops only (Switches may attend but only speak from their experience as Tops). We will examine our own inner monsters, discuss our fears and desires, and look honestly into the mirror and wonder – if we feed the monster, will it consume those we love… or if we starve it, will it eat us whole?
Bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, and masochism. These words elicit for many people a sense of titillation, or of dread. In this humorous and accessible approach to learning about alternative and sometimes edgy sexual practices, we will be looking at what draws people to this wide array of kinky sex interests, as well as other similar topics such as fetishism, voyeurism, exhibitionism, “alternative” relationship structures, swinging and more. After looking at what kinky sex is and why people get into it, we will have an opportunity to look at the variety of types of things that are enjoyed in spicy bedroom (and out of the bedroom) games, the tools used, and how these things can be and are safe to explore. Bring your sense of humor, your curiosity, and your questions to this opportunity to learn about the wide variety of sexual expression found in BDSM and kinky sex.
Putting on a mask and becoming “something else” for a moment is just a form of roleplaying, right? Not for everyone. Whether diving into a persona that is inherent to our very being, calling down God-forms, donning characters in rituals, or embracing animal roles, invocation and evocation can be powerful tools for both personal exploration and intense ritual work. From wardrobe to rituals, dabbling in manifestation to evoking emotional responses, getting into head space to ending possessions, we’ll discuss these tools together. Through stories, theory, exercises, and sharing, we will work to integrate techniques for growth, connection, roleplaying, and spiritual identity alike.
Getting freaky, kinky, and exploring dominance or submission is desired by many people, and yet for those of us who live with physical, neurological, or mental disabilities we have unique realities in these explorations or play. Let’s talk about how having disabilities can affect how we do BDSM and other kinks! This might include visible or invisible disabilities, neurological non-normativity, realities that come from aging, plus blindness and visual impairment as well – how do you modify your explorations for your (or a partners) realities. Let’s talk about our challenges, brainstorm for each other, and also discuss the fun or creativity that have come up along our journeys!
When a client comes to therapists, educators, or helping professionals around the intersection of kink and spirit, we get to examine why they are coming to YOU. You don’t have to understand the nuances of kink to serve your clientele! In this presentation we will break down the basics of what gets called kink, as well as the differences between faith, sacred experience, and spiritual paths, allowing us to better serve some of the actual concerns clients might have. There are many ways in which kink mirrors spirituality, spirituality mirrors kink, and consciously combining these two can even help our clients. Whether they have had unexpected sacred moments amidst taboo sexual expression or fear the loss of community if they come “out” as having diverse desires, no two people are the same, so let’s break it down and add nuance to your understanding on these topics.
When most people outside of the BDSM community talk about Age Play, images like adults in diapers tend to turn a lot of folks off (even if that can be fun). But Age Play for consenting adults can be SO much more! We will explore personal, cultural, and universal archetypes of parenthood, childhood, and all kinds of kidhood and adultdom to find a voice for our own diverse desires… from naughty teenage girlz (who says kidz are bottoms?) to packs of boy scoutz. Let’s look at pre-verbal, toddler, school kid, teen, and a wide variety of adult roles that we can enjoy for roleplaying or lifestyle identities. Daddies, Mommies, other familial roles will be explored, as well as how to incorporate age play into your other kinks, while we also touch on the land mines of our pasts and helping kidz and adultz who have been emotionally hurt by past kink relationships.
So you just hit someone with this thing, right? Far more goes into the erotic art of creating sensations through impact than meets the eye. Why do you want to be spanked? Why is caning someone sexy to you? Where can I hit them, and how hard can I hit? Learn to choose tools, how to use them safely in a variety of ways, and create hot sexual connections using impact play. Individuals who already have such toys are encouraged to bring a few to class to discuss the best practices for using what we already own.
At every turn, erotic adventurers are encouraged to know their needs and limits, express them to partners, and negotiate! negotiate! negotiate! It is common to feel overwhelmed and uncertain how or where to begin, what to bring up or what to focus on – even for the most extroverted pervert. Let’s take an opportunity to use negotiation as foreplay, self-exploration, and a road map to our most intimate fantasies, and then come back to developing our skills for negotiating with others, whether for play or within relationships. There are so many approaches to negotiation we can take! Remember, negotiation is a practice and takes practice – like Kung Fu for the erotic explorer. New, experienced, shy, outgoing, top, or bottom; everyone can benefit from negotiating!
Each of us processes pain and intense sensations in different ways. Some of us scream, some go silent, and some laugh with glee. Some focus on the connection we have with our partners and go stoic, while others dance, writhe, and squirm to let the pain come out through movement. From distracting ourselves with other thoughts or body inputs, to breathing techniques we will discuss how different individuals process pain and how to increase your own effectiveness in transmuting pain into pleasure, suffering, or erotic connection.
Close your eyes and relax, or get yourself all wound up, it´s time to delve into the most powerful sex organ we have to play with: the brain! From formal induction hypnosis concepts to how to just use the perfect words to spice up your sex life, we will be discussing and exploring some practical skills on creating guided visualizations, intensifying roleplaying, building command words, self-hypnosis, and much more. As well as the fun and flirty stuff, we will also look at the legal and ethical ramifications of these sorts of play, horror stories, myths about trance states… and see what mysteries we can uncover between our ears.
Ever wanted to get involved in the kink community but don’t know where to start? Shy and overwhelmed? Curious about the types of events and get togethers out there in the land of pervyness? Every event is different, and you deserve to find one that fits you. We’ll look into why folks want to be part of the community (and how that affects your adventure), some of the myths you’ll encounter along the way (from outsiders and kinksters alike), the pitfalls we may encounter, and have fun along the way. So pull out your social graces, dust off those leather boots (or heels, or sandals), and let’s dive into this foray into kink events and culture.
Each of us holds an animal inside us, and that creature is primal, wild, and tapped into the ancient power that says hunt, or be hunted, run, or be captured. In this class we will explore diverse forms of primal play, from growling and throating your lover in the bedroom, to constructed experiences stalking someone through woods and dark alleyways… and more. What kind of feral beast are you, and why? Whether you are partnered with someone primal, are primal yourself as an identity, enjoy the play, or are simply curious, we will work on skills for negotiation, “reading” our partners when verbal tools are off the table, and communication skills in general. Consent can be complex, so let’s build our knowledge and safety skills together. Bring your tips and tools for going into primal “space” and coming back to being a socialized human, and your questions for other passionate beasts to share their knowledge about in this theory and tool-sharing class.
Hands. Fists. Feet. Paddles. Saps. Foam bats. Rubber hoses… Let’s delve into ways to really leave a mark, dig into the meat of the matter, feet muscle under your fingertips or how to land blows in a safer manner. From basic anatomy lessons to blow-by-blow ideas of how to use this sort of play in your own scenes, let’s see if we can leave an impression.
Some of us don’t want to invest hundreds of dollars on tack, or don’t like leather. Maybe you are traveling and don’t have room for all of your gear in your carry-on. Using just a few pieces of rope we will make body harnesses, leg wraps, tails, and even complex head cages together. Bring two 25-30 foot pieces of rope and one 25-30 foot piece of parachute cord to play along!
The world over, body modification is used as a way to express identity – whether that is self-identity, cultural (or subcultural) affiliation, milestones, political views, or spiritual connections. We have all made modifications to live our lives, such as having a specific hair style to blend in with our peer circles or dressing in a certain way. We will look at the wide variety of body modifications available today from henna/mehndi to hook suspension, tattoos to ritual jewelry, stage makeup to genital reconstruction surgery, breast augmentation to flesh removal. We will also discuss the energy inherent in each type of modification, issues of cultural appropriation, and the social implications of body modification. Let’s examine why every act of modifying our flesh can be sacred, and every act can be profane – no matter the type of alteration, no matter the transformation.
In our sensual, sexual, kink, BDSM, and fetish encounters, many of us enter into altered states of consciousness without being aware of it! Exploring the eight major routes of Sacred Kink, we will examine how we use the Path of Ritual for earning our leathers, Path of Rhythm for cathartic flogging, Path of Flesh for sensual bondage scenes, and so much more. Come learn how to be conscious of your own sacred and magical connections, how these tools have been used for thousands of years, and how to incorporate new approaches to deepen your energetic connections in the future.
Ever tire of hauling around tons of toys? Ever consider just grabbing a piece or two of rope, and calling that your toybag? Now you can. From leashes to improvised whips, nooses, and garrotes to gags to blindfolds, instant vibrator to genital torture device, rope has so many more possibilities to be used in a scene. Bring one 15-30 foot piece of rope for playing along. It’s time to learn some new tricks for an old friend, your favorite piece of rope!
The freedom of becoming something greater than human is a call for many, but what about those of us who have to take care of these “creatures”? Let’s explore why we enjoy pet handling, owning human animals, and training these beautiful beings. Let’s discuss the psychology of human pets and pet play on all sides of the leash, and look at the needs and desires of all players involved. Together we can examine the practicalities of dealing with bodily functions and the desire to fuck our “pets” without messing head space, shopping for ponies and puppies, and then have some general play time to interact with the pets that may have come to the class today. Whether new to pony handling or an experienced equine enthusiast, we will look at our own desires and how to make them happen.
The world of BDSM often speaks of Leather as an identity, or as shorthand for our passions, but what about leather itself? The hides of animals, our second skins, this material that once lived and breathed has inspired erotic explorers for generations… why? From tools of pain and pleasure to the wide varieties of clothing that wrap around our form and conform to our shape with time – we will examine our tough exteriors to find how leather fetish has inspired leather sex, and in turn, leather soul, identity, and spirit… and the term “Leather Community” itself. Bring at least one piece of leather with you – be it a piece of your earned leathers if you come from that tradition, your favorite flogger, a tight pair of gloves, your favorite boots, your old friend of a belt, or something else to inspire yourself or others as part of this conversation towards understanding leather as more than a raw material.
Kink and sexuality conferences have popped up across the globe that seem like clones of one another. We could go to twenty different events, and have no idea what city we are in. So what will make your event special? What should make us care to go? And… why are you even putting it on? Let’s look at our missions as event producers, our voices as educators, and our visions as groups who want to host conferences and events. The choices we make when it comes to our events is sculpting our communities as a whole, and at the end of the day, we and our communities deserve something more than repeating other people’s habits… both good and bad. Bring your ideas to the table so that we can discuss, dream, and figure out what we can do to match our dreams up with what we are actually doing out there.
Powerful erotic draws and tools of sexual arousal, fetishes are often mentioned offhandedly in the world of kink and BDSM, but what is a fetish really? Where do ours come from, and what about our specific fetishes call to us? Whether you have a fetish for specific objects, materials, situations, or body part, this is your chance to talk about yours, while those curious about fetishes can come learn more about both the theories around fetishes and the people who have them alike.
Many of us have a conscious or unconscious desire to be a noble human equine, a happy puppy dog, an oily pig in a pen, a lazy cat that gets fed, petted and… but what about those of us who have to take care of these “creatures?” Let’s look at the fantasies, desires, and passions behind this richly varied form of identity exploration! Not everyone has the same take on this diverse category of interest: from firm training to shamanic interactions, passive pets to feral monsters, sadistic veterinarians to kids with their favorite pet, cuddly creatures to hard-working guard dogs… there is a little something for everyone. Whether you are a curious handler or an experienced beast of burden, join us as we examine the wide varieties of scenes, toys, lifestyles, and amusement; diving into these practicalities and passions with an open heart and open mind.


Some educational material needs to be explored more deeply to truly absorb, or appreciate, the material. Over the years, Lee Harrington has developed these intensives as an opportunity for a group of students to dive into a topic, as well as other intensive learning opportunities for individual students. The one listed below is a three-day long immersive experience that involves specific logistical needs, though Lee has also developed curriculum to cover more complex topics over a series of classes rather than single weekend intensives. To bring an intensive to your town, please contact Lee.

The elements and practices of Sacred Kink are boundless… Spiritual seekers, erotic explorers, and sexual kinksters alike are drawn to the power of alternate states of consciousness. During the course of this three day immersive intensive, we will explore the Eightfold Paths of Sacred Kink through hands-on practices, hearts-open exercises, and rituals of energetic engagement. This weekend experience is a chance to awake the skin, embrace our breath, arouse creativity, laugh loud, purge pain, and release rhythm. We will further develop our natural abilities in an intimate group setting, learning how others have been traversing their erotic journeys as well. Join internationally known sexuality and spirituality educator, author and shaman, Lee Harrington, as we journey into the shadows of our passion, descend into desire, face our fears, and find the touchstones of our erotic authenticity along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned explorer or have never delved into the depths of adventurous sex and personal truth, this immersive experience will expand your own path of Sacred Kink. Sacred Kink. Serious Play.

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