Identity, Gender, and Sex

Gender, sex, sexual behavior, and romantic orientation are different from each other but can be interlaced in our culture. Thus, these classes explore everything from transgender awareness and erotic identity to safer sex practices and how our faith or magical practices can intermingle with our sexuality. They span from very broad topics of use to all to niche topics that need to be presented in the world so that those individuals and communities can have the support and visibility they deserve.

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Classes, Workshops, and Presentations

Deemed illegal or immoral in some cultures while seen as commonplace or a cultural norm in others, oral to genital stimulation is a tool for erotic expression that there has many techniques to explore. Whether you see it as “third base” or “the most intimate type of passion,” let us explore the double (or triple) standards based on gender and genital configuration (from diverse cisgender male and female to trans bodies), and the medical realities present in this sort of play. Each of us has favorite skills and approaches too, so we will share descriptions of skills with each other (no live demonstration or nudity during the discussion), talk about diverse anatomy and interests, and dive into our passions (and turn-offs) concerning this sort of sexual activity.
Many of us are not just sexual explorers, kinksters, swingers, hedonists, power exchange practitioners, polyamorists, or queer sex radicals. We are people of faith, belief, and spirit that long to reconcile the balance between our various parts of self. We are Christian, Pagan, Jewish, Muslim, New Age, Hindu, Catholic, or follow many other spiritual systems and truths. What struggles and unexpected joys have you found through the balance between your erotic identities and the truths of your connections to divinity? Come discuss your hopes, fears, sorrows, and joys amongst other individuals invested in or struggling with their respective beliefs as sexual beings.
You remember to call someone by the pronoun and name they use. That is good enough, right? So many people who want to ally themselves to transgender and gender diverse individuals are not aware of the wide array of ways they can help make life easier for them! This course is a chance for people who want to build skills for allyship to learn to do so, without continuing to do seemingly positive things that may accidentally be causing harm. Some examples of what is included are what to do when someone comes out to you, the different types of transitioning, making gender inclusive spaces, building support for families of people transitioning, different types of corporate activism, and of course, a bit about the “bathroom issue.” This is about more than pronouns. This is about culture shifting at every level of society while also supporting people one on one. Let’s all work together to make this a better world for everyone.

Professionals, friends, partners, and individuals of all sorts that are or want to be allies are encouraged to attend.This course can be tailored for mixed groups of adults, political groups, non-profits, partners of trans people, corporate spaces, or other groups interested in supporting transgender and gender diverse individuals.
Exploring the world beyond media's story of "normal" sexuality can seem daunting at first, but it doesn't have to be! In this fun and informative class we will explore a wide array of love styles and relationship shapes, romantic activities, orientations, and sexual play before turning towards the world of kink. Kinky activities can range from mild to wild, and by learning about common terms and identities, fetishes, and communication styles in the bedroom (and beyond), it can help you build consent, safety, and connection alike. Let's help you figure out or more deeply discuss your interests, curiosities, passions, and what you have energy for (especially in today's day and age). Let this course demystify, delight, and disarm you by taking the terror out of these topics and bringing them out to play!
The world of sex magic is clouded in mystery, with images of shadowy covens and yogis who possess cults of scantily clad women filling the imagination. However, erotic energy working is simultaneously more complex – and much more accessible – than pop media might have us believe. Sexual contact and connection is a powerful tool to use in our sacred, sensual, and spiritual lives. From the “Great Rite” to dedicated tools, the power of orgasm to the debates about polarity and resonance, we will examine a wide variety of topics surrounding the world and applications of erotic alchemy. Join us as we examine and discuss raising sexual energy to create connection, manifest change in our lives, and affect the world at large.
When discussing transgender experience, there is often a focus on gender dysphoria, the distress someone experiences due to a mismatch between their gender identity and their sex assigned at birth. But what about gender euphoria and the powerful joys that can come during the varieties of transgender and gender expansive experiences? In this discussion/class we will look at the diverse types of dysphoria before diving into the power and beauty possible when we are seen in our gender or can find the power possible in the journeys we are on. Though this discussion will center the voices of transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, and gender expansive individuals, people of all gender experiences are welcome, as well as partners and allies of those on diverse gender journeys.
We’ve each had those moments — when the vibrator goes flying or the stereo goes off with just the wrong song, and suddenly sex has turned into hilarity. But looking beyond the accidents that make for funny stories later, how can we incorporate humor and comedy to purposefully add spice, connection, intimacy or variety to our bedroom (and other) erotic adventures? Exploring the different schools of comedy from absurdity and slapstick to satire, black comedy and dry observation, we will see how each can be included in our sexual escapades. Whether you are using humor to try something new, push a boundary, look back on past pain, or simply PLAY — this class is for you.
So here’s the truth: no one has the same type of sexual interactions or erotic expression as anyone else. Some people want to be penetrated, others eschew the idea. Some of us want to be touched certain ways, others don’t. Just because you’re gay doesn’t mean you enjoy anal play; just because you’re a lesbian doesn’t mean you like having your pussy licked. Every one of us is different. So let’s talk about it! In this discussion based class we will talk about what the hell sex is to us, what we call the stuff between our legs, and what we like to do with it when no one else is watching. Can it be touched? How can it be touched, and what are your thoughts around your body in general? What is safer sex, and how do you actually do it it when the passion is turned up to ten? How do you discuss this stuff with your partners, or do you expect psychic awareness or fumbling in the dark? Do you cum, how do you cum, and does it matter? Let’s air our dirty laundry and talk openly, honestly, and passionately about sex!
When a baby is born, we lift them up and declare “it’s a boy” or “it’s a girl.” With one fell swoop a child’s gender identity, orientation, life experience, sexual behaviors, and social interactions have been painted upon them… but each of us is more complex than that. In this class we will examine the differences and intersections between sex, gender, sexual behavior, orientation, intimacy, and relationship styles. From gender roles to chromosomes beyond xx/xy, linguistic colonization to slut shaming, transgender awareness to homosocial behavior, let’s look at humanity through a broader lens! Buckle up for a wild ride through the diversity of the human experience.
Let’s skip to the meat of the matter: we want sex, we have sex, and we deserve sex. But how can we reclaim our pleasure rights when we won’t even talk about it with our friends and lovers? In this class we will dive into the fears we have around rejection and body dysphoria, then put that all on a shelf for a few minutes to dive into what actually WORKS! How does humor and joy play into our pursuit of pleasure? What issues face trans* folks or others who are outside the binary who have male partners, female partners, trans* partners, and hell, what do you call the stuff between your legs anyway? Does it matter? We’ll touch on the issues of safer sex as well, in a community where our desperation to be touched the way we need to be touched has led to a heartbreaking habit of doing anything to get our needs met. Breathe deep, and get ready to listen from your heart and share from your spirit.
There are a lot of words out there for gender, sex and sexuality nowadays. Join us as we dive in to look at definitions, disclosure, desire, discussions to have, and how to explore this gumbo pot of identity and expression. The assumptions around gender need a lot of work. What are our sexual and gender myths and truths? What do we want to do with our bodies? And how do you play with folks who are going through these journeys? Because you know what? We are ALL on a gender journey. Let’s get analytical, let’s get sexy, and let’s open our hearts as we (re)think gender.
Ready to explore the world of infinite love and sex but want tips on how to do it safely? Already using safer sex practices, but looking for tips to have it be less stressful, more fun, and seemingly seamless? In this no-judgments class, we’ll discuss (and even try practicing with our clothes still on) how to make safer sex sexy, while sharing some of the health concerns that have us want to play in a safer way. We will expand our definitions of sex, reengineer the role that barriers play, and explore techniques and strategies to keep you and your partners healthy and happy – no matter what kinds of hot, steamy action you enjoy.
Even within the trans communities, a story of binary gender norms can still occasionally be unconsciously enforced. If someone wants medical assistance in trans care, they are expected to want to become stereotypes of what women or men “should” be in society. But what about the rest of us? In this discussion we will have a chance to share our challenges as gender diverse beings beings beyond stringent Western culturally framed binaries. We will also help each other brainstorm ways to help make our own lives and those of other gender adventurers better. Allies of all sorts are welcome with an awareness that TGNC voices will be centered in this dialogue.

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