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(c) Kilted Photography

(c) Kilted Photography

With 20 years of experience in various kink and sexuality communities, Lee has developed a broad repertoire of courses in these fields. He retires some every year or two, and introduces new ones upon the request of producers or based on new material and passions he is called to share with the world.

Because of this broad collection of options, this section has been broken down into various topics:

Some courses overlap between segments and are listed twice, or might crossover with material offered to spirituality groups and universities. Though there are some titles that look similar between sexuality populations and universities (such as “Sacred Kink”), they are presented with participants in mind, rather than academics.

Lee’s work in sexuality and kink is based in the idea that each person has the capacity for excellence, and together we can pass on skills and concepts from one person to another. Some of these, for that reason, are skill-based classes, while others are participatory lectures, presentations, or facilitated conversations. Please note the type of class accordingly. Groups booking Lee for multiple classes in one week(end) should keep in mind that some courses overlap in some material, and discussions with him should be had as to craft the best possible opportunities for learning.

In addition, Lee Harrington is now offering courses, discussions, and demonstrations co-taught with sexuality educator Ms. Cenna. For information on their offerings click here.

Beyond the above course list, Lee is additionally available for custom-designed courses through collaborative design with your needs, as well as keynote presentations on a wide variety of topics. Moreover, Lee offers online and in-person classes for Spirituality Groups as well as Universities. Feel welcome to contact him with any questions.

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