May 2013 Podcast – Rope Community Hub and Beyond

podcast033_largeWith Shibaricon the week this podcast goes/went live, Lee takes some time to reflect how far the event has gone since its debut in 2004. 10 events later, it has become the hub of a rope bondage community that did not exist before its inception, speaking volumes about how if just one person has a dream, and takes actions towards it, it can change so many lives. From memories and funny stories to connection and play, Lee dances with rope on his lips and lays out a few bits to chew on along the way.

After this podcast went live, Lee had some fantastic conversations with folks about details of ShibariCon that he was not part of, or confused between years of fantastic adventuring. For full details, please see the podcast notes here, and happy listening!

Episode Notes:

Updates and corrections:
Rigger Mortis recounts the history of Shibaricon- – My memory has confused the details of 3 years of events it seems, and conflated a few details…. please read his fantastic summary!
Numinous (Jack Daniels) coined the term boola-boola for “the Japanese knot” in 2002. Sincere apologies for the mis-crediting.

Shibaricon –
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Paul Arden’s “It’s Not How Good You Are, Its How Good You Want to Be” –
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