To Fairyland and Back

I spent the past two weeks out at Ramblewood, one of the most magical places to me in the world. I have been coming to the land for 11 years now, and have a tattoo on my flesh that I had done after a decade. I have been there not only for Free Spirit Gathering and Dark Odyssey: Fusion (the two events my partner and I attended this trip), but also Sacred Sexuality Beltane, Rope Camp, Leather Retreat, Dark Odyssey: Summer Camp, Primal Arts Festival… and have even used the land for a writing retreat opposite a ghost hunters intensive. It was a beautiful and wild ride, with much of it holding hands with an amazing woman. In fact, this was the longest continuous volume of time I have spent in my life holding hands. It was pretty amazing.

Historically, I was not a hands-holding person in the way I have become. I have been playfully and lovingly stand-offish shall we say. We each craft new steps, journey forward, find our own next right path.

On the flight home, I wrote this poem/ballad for my partner who was curled up next to me sleeping. Baltimore to Houston, Houston to Anchorage… a long time in the air. I finished it somewhere over British Columbia, and spent the past two days massaging it into its current form. Given that I am working on laying out my poetry book, and am blessed to have Abby Helasdottir working on the art for it – it seems like its time to post a poem. So – here you go. The poem I wrote on the way home from 12 days at Ramblewood.


To Fairyland and Back

You came with me to the holy land
rich emerald and hunter walls standing tall
as you met each rock and tree I loved
while helping me learn each one anew

The labyrinth early on in the weeding, with a single lily near the entry.

The labyrinth early on in the weeding, with a single lily near the entry.

We pushed off from the dock
held up on new memories to be made
with two sylphs lapping at candied skin
and waterfalls cascading down

Our meditative fingers ached weeding old truths
making each step into the future our own
left-hand path the long way in
right-hand path the short way out

Sweating inside the manmade caves
let old chants slip the tongues of crones
turn the swords into ploughshares
a prayer to have nations fight no more

Her white hair spun as the fireflies erupted
three pillars of prayer before the tribe
a child welcomed in and blessed by all
layers shed and gifts received

Braving the silent strolls and deadly marsh
we found the river and built a prayer
bullfrog leaps and buzzard greetings
and a savior woman who led us back once more

A new purple silk tunic was acquired at Free Spirit Gathering.

A new purple silk tunic was acquired at Free Spirit Gathering.

In magic the ages danced by
Our skin became mother, child, father, wizened love
in kindness we watched the reflection
Eighty years beating like a comfortable drum

Temptation was laid out in layers for the tongue
Crab legs and frozen custard
you have eaten of the fairy land
and are destined to return

The Green Man greeted us by the forest edge
and watched as I took his prize
while from white stone and labyrinth maze
the Goddess gazed with hungry eyes

Into the Temple the sage burns deep
set the altar for the work that must be done
you held the space my Sacristan
the tears streaming with each new revelation

The population ebbed and flowed
seas of stories that pass for hope
The café castle built up high
the café castle laid down low

The labyrinth, after the two of us had finished weeding. The magic of transformation.

The labyrinth, after the two of us had finished weeding. The magic of transformation.

Talismans and tokens were plucked from the vine
Bats, butterflies and bees bearing omens
Herons flew by with fish and thunder roared
each breath interpreted against those that came before

You flew through the gates of Venus on phoenix wings
laid on lava rocks in the guise of war
were bound to the black rose throne
and always came home to our bed

We hold hands staring towards the lightning
hold hands on the lakeshore and human sea
we hold hands as we give our service
hold hands in the dark and sour hour

Prayers wove a tapestry of Wyrd
connection, desire and love in the field
success, nature and magic at the door
each piece of mirror reflecting back our spell

The winds rushed in and took us surprised
before they turned to wisdom before our eyes
surprises found in Lilith’s veil
surprises found in walks and flames alight

Prepped and ready for the Ritual of Dark Indulgence.

Prepped and ready for the Ritual of Dark Indulgence.

Those glowing flames jumped towards our skin
fire spinning in my hands or from their lips
my demon horns out on the grass
your blind form crying out to the stars

Your eyes were gone in the name of trust
your eyes were gone in the name of love
but you saw me as deep as ever
and saw the land for all it is and was

With each tour we invested our dreams
wooed by songs played just for us
with each wisp of silk we bound further still
drank Turkish coffee and read our fate

Blessed be my warrior maiden
my vestment-bearer, my dress up doll
blessed be this opening blossom
my woman of wonder, my fairy girl

Khepri had pushed the sun overhead
when I saw you holding the beetle on your hand
we closed the gates and rode into the night
drowning into our private bliss

Curl up right next to me
my fairy slumbering in her bower
as snowcapped peaks form a bed of moss
and the soaring blue shall hold us tight

We sail home beyond the ice
the winds to blow us home once more
but Underhill awaits my love
my fairy queen who heeds the call


Lee Harrington

Lee Harrington is an internationally known sexuality, relationships, and personal authenticity educator. Having taught in all 50 states and in 6 countries, he brings a combination of playful engagement and thoughtful academic dialogue to a broad audience. An award-winning author and editor on gender, sexual, and sacred experience, his books include “Traversing Gender: Understanding Transgender Journeys,” and "Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond," among many other titles. He has been blogging online since 1998, and been teaching worldwide since 2001. Welcome to his world, and your chance to expand your mind and heart alike.

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