Upcoming Appearances

Due to the current issues happening worldwide, schedules for in-person appearances are in a state of flux. However, with change comes opportunity, and opportunities to see Lee’s events, classes, and intensives have expanded to meet the need. This list will continue to change as the state of things change. To stay abreast of new events being announced, sign up for our newsletter below. Some of these appearances include…

  • Lee Harrington Weekly Wednesdays – Online Worldwide (April 21, 2021): Hosting a discussion on “Inebriated Eroticism.”
  • Thrive BDSM & Mental Health Conference – Online Worldwide (April 23-25, 2021): Serving as the Opening Ceremonies MC and teaching “Role-Playing or Role-Being: Identity, Exploration and Mental Health.”
  • Waking Persephone – Online Worldwide (April 24, 2021): Teaching “Our Journeys of Authentic Gender” at this 1-day ritual experience.
  • Stone & Stang – Online Worldwide (April 24-25, 2021): Teaching “Sacred Kink: The Eightfold Paths of BDSM and Beyond” at this pagan event for men who love men.
  • Pineapple Support – Online Worldwide (April 27-28, 2021): Teaching “Getting Spicy & Freaky: BDSM and Kink Basics” at their Healing Through Kink conference.
  • Wicked Grounds – Online Worldwide (April 28, 2021): Teaching “Strategies for Switching: Fulfilling Your Diverse Desires.”
  • Colorado Leather Fest – Online Worldwide (April 30-May 2, 2021): Teaching “Service That Actually Serves Us” and “Sacred Rope”.
  • TOOTH & TALON – Online Worldwide (May 7, 2021): Hosting a Shapeshifting Dance Party as a fundraiser for LGBTQ Freedom Fund.
  • Unabashed Queer Kink – Online Worldwide (May 8, 2021): Hosting space at their quarterly online play party.
  • Wicked Grounds – Online Worldwide (May 16, 2021): Teaching “Crotch Ropes and Butt Bondage.”
  • Wicked Grounds – Online Worldwide (June 1, 2021): Teaching “Playing Well With Others: Discovering, Exploring, and Navigating the Kink Communities.”
  • Cirque du Earth – Online Worldwide (June 4-6, 2021): Teaching “Rope as Sacred Ritual,” “Fleshing It Out: Body Modification Sacred and Profane,” “The Queerness of Mag, the Magic of Queerness, and appearing on the Trans Panel.
  • House of St. James – Online Worldwide (April 30-May 2, 2021): Teaching “Desired Object, Forgotten Object: Objectification for Animists.”
  • MaST East Stroudsburg – Online Worldwide (June 20, 2021): Teaching “Open Hearts, Open Minds: Exploring ‘Alternative’ Relationship Structures.”
  • Delving Into Power Reunion – Online Worldwide (July 10, 2021): An online reunion for all previous Delving Into Power attendees to connect with fellow attendees and enjoy a discussion with Lee and other DIP peers.
  • GWNN Bash – Online Worldwide (July 17-18, 2021): Teaching classes and delivering the Keynote.
  • Dragonfest Pagan Festival – Online Worldwide (August 4-8): Teaching “Erotic Alchemy: Sex Magic 101” and leading the “Sacred Beyond and Between” ritual.
  • …and more to be announced soon!

Lee is available to book for both public and private appearances – for details please contact him through his easy contact page, or through the social media options linked from this site. Lee is also available to book for private long-distance classes on rope bondage and other topics using Skype and other modalities.


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You can find links to his press material on his biographies and media kit pages.

Experience and Classes Taught

Lee Harrington has taught in 7 countries and across all 50 states. For a complete list of his appearances as an educator, see the Previous Experience page. You can also see his University CV and Kink & Sexuality CV.


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