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Hello beautiful beings!

I am an artist and educator, and have spent many years learning my skills. I continue to study and train, improving myself under a number of teachers and through living life fully in an attempt to follow my path. This path is not an easy one, and the work and training can be very expensive and time consuming.

Please support artists as much as you can. This is why I believe in transparent economies and giving. If you are capable of it, and believe that what an artist is doing is something that deserves support, please provide an appropriate compensation. Reach out to them and help bring their work to life.

by Darryl Lynn, Kilted Photography

by Darryl Lynn, Kilted Photography

If you yourself are a struggling artist, I understand, and am able to have conversations about getting you information and education where possible.  Don’t let not being able to afford a book stop you from getting educational material – let’s talk! With that said, please respect an artist’s need to make a living.  Once in a blue moon I will be called to do non-loss or barter projects (unique personal service, custom artwork, ), but this is an exception rather than a rule.

You can help support my work, and me as an artist in a few different ways. The first is to buy one of my books, or pass on information about my projects to others. You can also help arrange to have your local university or organization bring me out to teach. Let’s spread the knowledge and love!

If you were hoping to buy me a gift, here is my Amazon Wishlist.

Paypal is also accepting donations for my projects:

If so moved…

Gift certificates are a wonderful way to help out:
Time Bomb Tattoo –
Kaladi Bros. –
Alaska Airlines –
Starbucks –
Home Depot –
Creole Gardens B&B –
Frequent Flier Miles and Flight Coupons

I also appreciate gifts of time and continued education (through your gifting) with some of my personal teachers and guides:
Barbara Carellas –
Storm Faerywolf –
Raven Kaldera –

Thank you all so much. Even the radical act of telling people about an artist, or citing their work when you quote them, makes a world of difference. Instead of copying art, give due appreciation and appropriate citation of their artistry. The only way artists can keep making art is through our support. I myself pass it forward with an array of artists.

Have a wonderful adventure, and thank you so much for your well-wishes, support, joy, open hearts, passion, and soul.

Love from Alaska, and the world,

Lee Harrington


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