Passion and Soul Podcast

Join Lee Harrington at the Passion and Soul Podcast, an exploration of personal and interpersonal desire, faith, and connection. From kinky sex to sacred exploration, gender/trans issues to emotional connections, BDSM to personal faith, we take a journey together on through the soul of intimate experience.

Enjoy stories, readings, academic insights, adventures from the road, and heartfelt experiences. This podcast is a chance to glimpse into the ever increasing diverse world of alternative life, spirituality, and sexual awareness.

The Passion and Soul Podcast is intended for mature audiences.

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The Passion And Soul Podcast previously appeared on Erotic Awakening Podcast on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Before joining Dan, dawn and the rest of the Erotic Awakening team, Lee appeared on four episodes as a guest:

In addition to his regular podcast, Lee also appears on numerous other podcasts and radio shows, and has some of his material available as audio books at this time.

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