A passionate participant in the multi-media world, Lee appears regularly on other people’s podcasts as well as his own, as a guest blog/article author, and has been a consultant for an array of newspaper, magazine, and television projects. Whether discussing the nature of magic or extolling the virtues of erotic role-playing, Lee Harrington has a specific way of expressing unique experiences for mass understanding. He enjoys any chance to help open eyes, educate the public — expanding minds and hearts alike — and Lee Harrington has been the guest on numerous radio, podcast, documentary, and other media projects. In addition to interviews, Lee is available for media appearances concerning sexuality, identity, gender, LGBTQ issues, alternative spirituality, kink, and relationship dynamics.  You can also contact him for book samples, reviewer copies of his work, artistic appearances, or any other pertinent projects.

If you write, host shows, or are otherwise interested in contacting Lee, feel free to do so via his contact page. He is also sometimes available for writing for publications.

Enjoy some of the diverse projects, broadcasts, and articles he has been part of.

Essays and Articles

Interviews and Press

For those interested in a list of more concise biographies for publication, references, etc, click here, and for media-ready images, please visit this link.

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